Thursday, March 8

Raps Violate Grizz .

The Raptors snapped it's 3 game losing streak with an impressive win last night versus the lowly Grizzlies , 94-87 . The Toronto based dribblers have 5 in the double digit scoring led by Chris Bosh with 19 points followed by Andrea Bargnani with 18 points and Juan Dixon with 17 points. Credit must be given to the newest Raptor , guard Juan Dixon . ' Juan is a good player . He once scored 33 ponts in a playoff game ( vs. the Bulls ) ' said the Wizards TV man , ex NBA great Phil Chenier , last time .It's amazing that Juan adopted easilly to coach Sam Mitchell's style of play . I wonder why ? This is Juan's 3rd team in his short NBA career so far . Maybe Juan feels at home with ballers named Jose and Jorge. Si ! . The 2 must have told Juan that the ACC is Mi casa , Yo casa !
The Raptors played with passion in this game according to their opponents . ' We were missing intensity in our game tonight . Toronto played with a lot of intensity ' said Memphis coach Tony Barone . Finally , GM Bryan Colangelo's scoreboard placed in the Raptors locker room 2 games ago is beginning to take it's much needed effect . Or is it ? ' It ( scoreboard ) can work both ways . They can motivate the Raptors or it can put added pressure on them ' warned one Leo Rautins of Raptors TV . Whatever ! Some may find this visual aid a violation. The scoreboard was all in English and not in English and French as stipulated by law for all signs !

Rasho : The scoreboard must be in Italian , Spanish , African , and Slovak too !


Blogger film critic said...

Don't they watch TV or read newspaper ? The players are aware of the teams standing for sure .

11:20 AM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Oh uh . The Raps are starting to win again . Bad news for the Nets.

2:38 PM  
Blogger pm said...

I think the Raptors deserved to win this one even though they faltered in the end .

9:23 PM  

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