Wednesday, March 7

Raps Suffer 3rd Loss Vs. Wiz.

The Raptors suffered their 3rd straight loss after bowing to the Wizzards last night , 109-129. The Raps who had beaten the Wiz in their last 3 games were completely outplayed this time . Toronto shot 28% only in the 3 pt. line which used to be their bread and butter. Not only that , the Wizards outrebounded them , 58-33 , and beat them in their own game of moving the ball around , 29-21 assists. Chris Bosh scored 25 points but only have 1 rebound the whole game .Unbelievable . Andrea Bargnani , recently back from Italy to attend to his ailing grandfather, was obviously not ready yet . Bargnani looked sick . Coach Mitchell should have just let him check in first in a hospital in Washington area . Like in Walter Reed Army Hospital !.
So outplayed were the Raptors that the usual smile in GM Bryan Colangelo's face was missing . Colangelo was shown on TV worried and madly tapping at his cell phone . What was he doing ? Is he negotiating a trade perhaps ? The team must regrouped to make sure they finish the season strong and to insure a homecourt advantage . ' We know that in the 2nd half of the season , we have to play with intensity . We lack intensity . So the Raptors need intensity huh ? I know then what Colangelo is doing . BC is trying to book a flight to Indonesia . That place was recently hit by an earthquake with intensity 6.3 in the Richter scale . That's the type intensity Colangelo is looking for the Raptors !

B.C: No , I'm not trying to book a flight .
I'm checking if I won NY's Mega Million Lotto !


Blogger Foto Man said...

One rebound for CB4 ? Is that a typing error ?

3:26 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Which one is your team coach?

10:44 PM  

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