Tuesday, March 6

Bouncing Balls 17.0

1. Winning Accent . Hillary Clinton received plenty of criticisms about her sudden presence of accent , the southern style , in her speech the other day in Selma, Alabama . Shades of Madonna's British accent some say . What's wrong with that ? Even Ophra adopted some semblance of an South African accent when she opened her school in S.A. Of course , Raptors fans are now familiar with different accents what with Italian Bargnani , Spaniards Calderon and Garbo and of course Southern based coach Sam Mitchell's pre/post game interviews. I know when the team is winning . Sam's accent become more obvious !

2. Clydespeak . More gems from the great Walt 'Clyde' Frazier in sports announcing . There is no one better that Clyde in stringing words that rythmes to use in describing basketball plays when he acts as TV Analyst for the Knicks.
Stephon dishing and swishing his way to the basket .
Robinson's hustle and bustle kept them in the game.
The Knick's do a lot of hacking and whacking ....
Their opponents tonight are very cohesive and coherent ....

3. Mismatch .
Pairing NBA personalities with their counterparts in the political and showbiz world is always a challenge but fun . These will be matches made in hell . Or at least by e DisHarmony .

Cornbread Maxwell : Get back to the kitchen .
Rachell Ann AKA the Quenn Of The 5 Minute Meal

Ron Artest arrested for domestic violence with tough former prosecutor CNN's Nancy Grace.

Tim Hardaway : I hate gay people .
Right winger Ann Coulter : ... it turns out you have to go to rehab if you use the word 'faggot' .


Blogger john said...

Ann Coulter is the worst of its kind . She is a publicity hound . Hardaway tried to omit his gay bashing from the public minds but Coulter flaunts her faggot comment !

12:12 PM  
Blogger film critic said...

I noticed too how Sam uses accent when he jokes with the press. I hope he's got plenty of opportunities to use his accent in the coming days.

12:53 PM  

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