Friday, March 16

Bouncing Ball 21.0

1. Presidential Bracket . So far , so good . That's how my NCAA bracket is looking like after 1 day of competition. I did play it safe picking mostly the top seeds against lower ranked teams . So all in all , I only missed on Texas Tech and the victim of the only real upset of the day , Duke . I did write about Sen. John McCain's choices for the Final Four - all the top seeds in the 4 regions . Look here. University of Arizona, under coach Lute Olson, does not have a good basketball team this year . Sen. McCain represents Arizona in the U.S. Senate .

2. Dennis Rodman's Footwork. Carmen Electra, who was once married to ex basketball star Dennis Rodman, stumbled during a modelling stint the other day. Too bad the actress' footwork is not as good as the former member of the champion teams of the Detroit Pistons and later the Chicago Bulls. In his days with these 2 teams , Rodman held his own, under the basket against much bigger guys and sometimes even rebounding with only one foot planted on the ground. Of couse, Rodman was not wearing high heels then.

3. Dukie Connection. Long time NCAA sponsor General Motors finally made a turnaround last year as it made close to a billion dolllar income . This is a reversal of previous years' losses. GM is the only US carmaker that made money last year as Ford and Daimler-Chrysler both suffered heavy losses. GM is headed by Chairman Rick Wagoner, former member of Duke basketball team . Wagoner who stands at 6'4'' played on the freshman basketball team but he learned pretty quickly, that he's not NBA material. That's why its Duke coach Mike K. that you see in the NCAA commercial driving a GM car !


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