Thursday, March 15

Raptors Blast Knicks

Toronto buckled the loss of Jose Calderon due to injury suffered while driving to the basket to whip New York , 104 - 94 . T.J. Ford played like Steve Nash with his excellent ball distribution and finished the game with a career high 18 assists and the same number in terms of point production . Ford's performance was even more glaring in the light of the poor output of his counterparts over at the other side . The Knicks turned the ball over 20 times and failed to exploit the advantage of their burly center , Eddy Curry, over the lighter Andrea Bargnani. ' Almost every time I got the ball , he fouled me .' said Curry. ''So I was like ' Let's get this guy out of the game ' '''. Eddy , if you want Andrea out of the game , all you have to do is ask the guy Italian of course !
Last night's contrasting game was also true in the 3 point shooting of the 2 teams . The Raptors shot an impressive 60% versus the Knicks' 40% with Europeans Bargnani, Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbajosa combining for 12 of of 20 sh0oting for a total of 53 points . Together with Chris Bosh's 22 points , the Knicks have no match to the Raptors' newfound firepower. New York Times sportwriter Howard Beck said Toronto is the rising power in the Eastern Conference . ' I thought the Raptors were finished when Carter left . That they will leave town like the Grizzlies ' said Knicks TV's Walt Frazier . Well Cylde , the Raptors may be extint , but not dead . And Bryan Colangelo discovered live ones in the lost world of Europe and brought them over here .

Dinosaur : Where is that big bully Curry ? Is that the one sporting an afro ? or the one in blue shirt ? Yohoo , where are you ?


Blogger film critic said...

T.J. was great in this game.It's time for the coach to use him longer like in this game.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Francis sucks. The dude can't play point guard.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Think Paxson is second guessing himself for trading Curry? As talented as Tyrus Thomas is, he is no Curry (and not much younger either). Curry might have been the low post scorer the Bulls desperately need.

9:44 AM  
Blogger coach said...

film- if sam does that, calderon will ask to be traded.

john-the dude can't play team ball period .

sam- the bulls expect big ben to be their center . he's a washout for the millios the bulls paid for him .

6:39 PM  

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