Sunday, March 11

Raptors Get Pass Sonics In OT.

Toronto sent home the sold out crowd happy with a thrilling victory over Seattle in overtime , 120-119 . Andrea Bargnani scored a rare 4 point shot in the closing seconds of the game in the regulation but All Star Rey Allen tied the score with a 15 foot jumper before the buzzer to extend the game . ' That shot put hiimself in the running for Rookie Of The Year award ' said former Raptors coach Lenny Wilkens of the sensational Bargnani who scored 19 points on 50% shooting from the 3 pt. line. Wilkens , who now acts as the basketball Analyst for the Sonics , is impressive in the job . Wilkens and partner announced the game without the useless banterings. But most especially , Wilkens and his partner called the game less the ' salami and cheese ' and all that stuff that Raps' fans are subjected to everytime they listen to Raptors TV's Chuck Swirsky and Co. That's why after the game , I'm so happy I made myself a salami and cheese sandwich !
The overtime was time for TJ Ford to shine . The spitfirish guard scored 9 of his 25 points in the extension to make up for a disastrous 3rd quarter during which the Sonics took over the lead after 3 consecutive misses by Ford . A lot of Raptors fans find TJ 's penchant for taking over a game questionable. ' TJ is not afraid to shoot the ball . It's good if he is making his shots but if . ' You finish the statement . Funny , because the Raps were looking for a pass first point guard when they traded for Ford . They got a pass first PG alright . In this game , Ford always made sure to pass first everybody on his way to the basket !

TJ : Excuse me , Mo Pete . May I pass first ?


Blogger arsenalist said...

Yeah, TJ had an awesome game. But he almost became the scapegoat with that horrible airball at the end.

2:07 AM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

Great game . The Bulls may trouble if they face the Raps in the 1st round of the playoffs .

7:02 AM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Exciting game . I like TJ .He's got guts . I don't know why many Raps fans don't like him.

7:31 AM  
Blogger coach said...

Ars - i like tj's game warts and all !
fm - if the playoffs start now , the raps will meet the bulls .

n$b - many raps fans don't like him 'coz they remind him of mike james .

2:22 PM  

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