Wednesday, March 14

Bouncing Balls 20.0

1. Green Dinos . I expect the Knicks to be wearing green unis today when they visit TO in honor of St.Patrick's Day much like the Bulls did yesterday in Boston. Chicago and New York have rich Irish tradition aside from Boston, of course . The same with Toronto too ! At least, in the basketball media circle . A lot of sportswriters radio/TV people are green with envy at former Raptors GM Isiah Thomas for his contract extension . One sportscaster ( name witheld ) was heard saying ' Dolan offered Isiah a new contract even when his team is not even sure of making the playoff ' . This is only one of the many unfavorable comments made of the deal secured by the still unpopular Isiah in Raptorland .

2. Cyldespeak . Talking about ridiculousness , here's Walt ' Cylde ' Frazier's out of this world descriptions of some basketball plays in his coverage of the Knicks games recently. Take it away Clyde .

That's his 2nd provocative dunk .
Curry is hyperventilating ...
That's some intoxinating move by Marbury .

3. Presidential Bracket . Republican Presidential nominee wanna be Sen. John McCain made his choices for the NCAA Final Four yesterday as reported by MSNBC. It will be recalled that Sen. McCain co sponsored a bill banning gambling on amateur sports . I'm sure there will be no gambling on everyone's brackets in offices all around the States and Canada !
I expect other presidential hopefuls to reveal their picks in the coming days especially basketball playing Barack Obama , who's got connection to the NCAA in the person of Brown coach Craig Robinson . Robinson is the brother-in-law of Obama.


Blogger arsenalist said...

The Knicks are retarded for not giving Eddy Curry the ball every time.

1:29 AM  

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