Tuesday, March 20

Bouncing Balls 23.0

1. Back To The Future. Today , March 20, is the anniversary of the Milan Miracle . It's the story of how a tiny high school ( pop. 200 ) in Indiana won the state championship in 1953 against a school 10 times its size . The movie Hoosiers starring Gene Hackman was based on this event. The film is my fav basketball film . It's so authentic with the small town settings and all. I watched the real high school game on ESPN Classics and I can't help my imagination from turning loose . I envisioned Allen Iverson playing for the All White Milan team . Will AI do well ? For sure what with his speed and shooting abilities . The only problem is that AI will be called for carrying the ball , travelling and even showboating all the time !
I think Andrea Bargnani amongst present NBA players will be more suited for Milan circa 1953. The Italian's long toms will be revolutionary in the days of 2 handed set shot . Also , there's a Milan in Italy . Il Mago will feel right at home in Milan , Indiana !

2. Clyde Failed To Glide . Anybody watch the Dancing With The Stars ? Former NBA star Cylde Drexler was amongst the participants. Cyde did not do too bad . He and his partner scored 15 points out of 30 . The worst score was registered by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and partner so Clyde is safe, I supposed . Clyde was a little shy and his dancing moves were kinda' restrained . Other athletes who participated in the show in the past-boxer Evander Holyfield and NFL star Emmith Smith - debuted in the show a lot better based on my memory. Common Cylde . You can do better than that ! (said ala Mark Jackson)

3. Ex NBA Coaches . Only 2 ex NBA coaches are left to guide their respective school teams in the current edition of March Madness . Out were North Carolina State's Sidney Lowe ( Memphis Grizzlies) and Rick Pittino (Boston Celtics). Memphis' John Callipari (New Jersey Nets) and U.S.C's Tim Floyd (Chicago Bulls) are still in the running as their schools made it to Sweet Sixteen. Callipari and Lowe should get another chance to coach in the NBA . Winning the NCAA crown may pave their way back to the big league !


Blogger Sam said...

i thought callipari would last longer as an nba coach. that jersey team was such a disaster, poor guy didn't get a fair shake.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Foto Man said...

I like Lowe.It's too bad NC State was eliminated.He's still young so another stint in the NBA is not impossible.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

Hoosiers is my fav movie too.I like the scene where Gene Hackman intentionally got himself thrown out of the game to make Johnny's drunkard father the head coach.

11:01 PM  

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