Monday, March 26

Bouncing Balls 24.0

1. One Man.Show 'NBA players who played afternoon games will be tuning for this game' said NBA TV's Aldrige. Indeed . I was one of those who stayed late last night to watch Kobe came up short of tying the late Wilt Chamberlain's record of 5 consecutive 50+ points, It was still unbelievable as Kobe scored 43 points 'only'.'Kobe is one man highlight show' added NY Posts' Frank Isola .Kobe aka Mamba is really a one wrecking crew. At one point of the game , Mamba scored despite being guarded by 4 Warriors . Mamba is like Rambo. He can finish the opponents singlehandedly. Mamba plus Rambo is Mambo !

2.Walter To . Talking about super performance , Walter Hermann of the Charlotte Bobcats had one last Saturday . In the game versus the New Jersey Nets , the seldom used Argentine scored 19 big points. With a few seconds left in the game and the score tied , Hermann faked his guard, Richard Jefferson , and then sank a 15 footer to the surprise of the veteran Net. The man even has ice on his veins. I'm not sure if Hermann completely earned the respect of Jefferson 'though. ' Walter' , his 1st name . is not exactly a tough enough a name to gain respect from his peers. In fact, it's a sissy's name . And in the macho world that is the NBA , name counts a lot. How 'bout changing Walter to Fabio ?

3. March Tallness. Did you see North Carolina coach Roy Williams on the verge of crying in the press con following his team's defeat in the hands of Georgetown ? Madness turned to Sadness . But not to millions of Hoyas followers and Tar Heels haters (translation: Duke fans) and me included. I want to see the Hoyas win because of various reasons foremost of these is the battle of big men. Hoyas' 7'2'' Roy Hibbert (shown in photo) vs. OSU's 7'0'' Greg Oden in the Final Four.Both are legit 7 footers who can play. Oh ,there's one more 7 footer . In the crowd to watch this game for sure is former Hoya, Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing Jr. plays for Georgetown .


Blogger NIKEY said...

Go Bucknuts go !

4:05 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

I don't like Kobe.I don't like the Lakers.

4:42 PM  
Blogger coach said...

yes. go ! oden go !

angel- hey kobe is a nice guy now.

11:42 AM  

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