Thursday, March 22

Raps Make Magic Dissapear .

Toronto sailed to an easy victory over Orlando last night, 92-85 , despite playing without 3 key guys. The win was fashioned by the determined Raptors squad via a great 1st quarter that saw them take an early lead , 24-17 . Although the Magic won the next 3 quarters, the 7 points lead was just too much to overcome. Chris Bosh abused his Team USA teammate and fellow All Star Dwight Howard by outscoring him ,34-17 and outrebounding the boy man,16-12 . ' Howard has the slight edge over Bosh ' answered ESPN's Hollinger when Chuck Swirsky asked him who's better between the 2 in the latter's radio show the other day . ' Howard has more upside ' he added. I'm not sure about this. Dwight Ho's play is very erratic . One game he's a monster, the next he's a Cookie Monster ! Dwight is immature. The other day , his coach Brian Hill asked the pilot to fly the plane and to leave the very tardy Howard. That's not upside . That's up yours, Dwight if you ask coach Hill.
T.J.Ford played like the jitterbug T.J. again after a sub standard 2 games which the Raps lost. He had 10 assists in the 1st half alone and finished with 16 points. T.J. made some incredible assists last night that excited the crowd. When asked by the Magic TV guy after the game what makes the Raptors click despite 9 new guys on the team this season , T.J. responded .' Everybody knows their roles here. Like tonight, Joey scored some baskets and Humphries contributed rebounds. ' And most importantly , Pape Sow streched his legs !

Pape: I only played for 8 seconds tonight. Oh well , at least I'm helping Al Gore's global warning campaign as I don't have to wash my uniform !


Blogger che said...

I see Sow being in another uniform next season.The Raptors have an oversupply of big men.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

hey coach, thank you for the link to Raptorstalk, i appreciate it. i have one thing, all the raptors link have an '"' at the end of the url, and they all go to dead pages, thanks alot :)

9:12 AM  

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