Friday, March 30

Raps Beat Heat .Will Meet Heat In The Playoffs ?

The playoffs picture is getting more clear as the regular season comes near to a close.The surprising easy way the Raptors disposed Shaq and his fellow senior citizens aka teammates , provided a glimpse of future pairings in the post season .It's good and it's bad. If the playoffs start today, it will be no.3 versus no.6. It's Toronto vs. Miami. Shaq vs. anti Shaq.That says it all.' He's a different type of a player' said Shaq one time when asked to compare the Raps' main guy. Chis Bosh , to him.You can say that again.No, you can write the answer on a masking tape and place it on the forehead of the reporter who asked the question.
If D Wade plays, the Raptors are the definite underdogs. Wade always give the Raps plenty of Head On moments. It will be like Sanjaya vs. Doolittle in American Idol finals. If Wade won't be around in the 1st round of playoffs, the Heat will still be the favorites but slight only. I'm sure Miami will use its overwhelming advantage in experience to intimidate the young Raptors. Only Dixon,Ford,MoPete and Rasho have experienced post season play before .The 2 teams will meet again this Tuesday and I expect coach Pat Riley's boys to play better than in their previous meeting.There is still a chance that the Heat will overtake the Wizzards to move up to no.4 spot and homecourt adavantage at the start of the playoffs.Let them.The later the Raps meet the Heat, the better.


Blogger Sam said...

The Wizard are the only team I think the Raptors can beat. They play no defense, which would give the Raptors chances to steal. Miami is just a bit scary. They turn it on and off, and if they get a Wade back playing decent, then they will be impossible.

Even though we beat Chicago the last time we played them...well I don't even need to say it...these guys and the Pistons are the teams to beat in the east (although the Cavs are contending to make it a threesom).

4:34 PM  
Blogger arsenalist said...

I'd much rather see the Heat in the playoffs than Washington. I think we can take the Bulls too.

1:44 AM  
Blogger GHUP said...

I agree with you that the Heat will be tough to beat,then the Bulls.The easiest will be the Wiz.

1:00 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

I like the Raptors to meet the Nets in the playoffs.It will be a slam bang affair.Vince tormenting his former team or the other way around.

4:45 PM  
Blogger coach said...

sam/arsenalist/n&b/ghup : the bulls are tough to beat .thomas is starting to play well and big ben's experience will be a big disadvantage. i expect them to be very physical come playoff time.same w/ the heat.the refs are usually more lenient in the playoffs.
i think the ideal opponents come playoff time are the wiz.....if not no.7 or no.8 !

2:39 PM  

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