Wednesday, March 28

Raptors TV's Own Chuckie (Salami And) Cheese.

The mouthpiece of the Toronto Raptors for several years now is none other than the incomparable Chuck Swirsky. Some find him annoying and a clown of a sportscaster. Other Raptors fans find him entertaining and lively. But all agreed that Chuck is a homer to the nth degree. He is definitely no Merv Albert who was bounced off the Knicks' TV tandem for being critical of the team he covered. Chuck can't find no wrong with the Raptors . Before the start of this current season , many laughed (including me) when he predicted the team will win 41 games. The Raptors at 38 wins are sure(?) to reach that magic number of victories.
Chuck always like to give the Raptors players their nom de guerres. He gave Chris Bosh the tag CB4 and Charlie V the name Smooth in his rookie year. Can't remember if Chuck was the one who gave the name Air Canada to VC ? And he was proud to accomplish such deed. ' I named Humpries and P.J. Tucker , Hammer and Nails respectively' Chuck bragged to his partner Leo Rautins in one pre season game.There's so many more names Chuck called the Raptors players that at some point the name giving reached ridiculous level. I sent him an e mail to drop the practice especially assigning names to unproven players.It turned out many Raps fans felt the same way because Chuck stopped the practice. However, Chuck was somewhat right in calling P.J.Tucker as 'Nails'. P.J. was nailed to the bench before he was waived by GM Bryan Colangelo.
Chuck's mouthing of the line bring out the salami and cheese has caught fire amongst Raptors fans. The line meant that it's a sure win by the Raptors . The victory is in the bag. Let's hope that the recent spate of injuries that the team suffered does not mean the discontinuance of the salami and cheese days. Free pizzas alone just won't do.


Blogger Lee Ann said...

That chuckycheese is a bit scary!
Have a good week Coach!

9:47 PM  
Blogger Nuts & Bolts said...

The Nets won tonight.Bring out the salami and cheese.
I know your Chuck Swirsky is a super homer.As for Mark Jackson and Merv Alpert doing our Nets game,I have no complaints.The 2 are good.They are funny mot in annoying way.

11:10 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

i like Swirsky because he is so animated, and tons more exciting than most of the commentators across the league (the worst commentators are the Houston Rockets guy, they make me want to kill myself). he always responds to every single email I have sent him, and he reps toronto at every turn.

i just wish he wasn't such a kiss ass. for example, the vince carter situation. swirsky kissed his ass (when it was obvious to the world what carter was doing) and defended him, up until the moment he got traded. now he rips him every chance he gets. now don't get me wrong, vc can lick our collective balls, but there needs to be some responsibility taken.

coach, if you are the reason swirsky stopped handing out nicknames left and right...i owe you a debt of gratitude man. however, i do like a couple of the names he came up with: cb4, banger brothers, zoo squad, mp3 download; these were entertaining.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Ty said...

Lol.Is that Chuck Swirsky in Chuckie Cheese attire? Good for him.

10:00 AM  
Blogger coach said...

lee ann- scary?he's actually a lovable guy.

n&b- merv is the dean of for the 'biting' incident,his reputation is impeccable.
mark is no homer . at least he said so.he called out vc when he just settles for the long shots.

sam- swirsky is like t.j. to the raps fans. u either like or love the in between.

the one i can't tolerate is leo rautins. i just can't stand listening to the guy.that's why i avoid watching raps games on local channels if possible. i chose fsn for my viewing pleasure.
i'm sure chuck got thousands of e mails to stop giving names to unproven ballers. i just feel,like in the case of tucker, it's untimely.let 'em show something 1st, then u can do it !

ty- thanks. chuck knows what to do when his announcing days are over.

10:24 AM  

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