Monday, April 16

Canadian Style Ball Whips Knicks

After disposing the Detroit Pistons 2nd squad, the Toronto Raptors took care of the New York Knicks 3rd squad last night , 107-105. In front of thousands of cheering ACC crowd , the Raptors reached another milestone in its unbelievable season so far. Home court advantage . ' It's important for us to have homecourt support being an inexperienced team ' said Chris Bosh who led the Raptors with 23 points . But it was the unheralded duo of Joey Graham (19 pts.) and Jose Calderon (18 pts.,6 ass.) who stole the show. Graham was impeccable again in his outside shots and Jose Calderon ran the team magnificently in the face of TJ Ford's prolonged absence on the court due to foul trouble. Poor Nate Robinson . All he saw last night was Calderon's backside. The Spanish baller left the Knicks' spitfirish guard as he ran past him over and over again on his way to the basket. I bet, if you if you ask Nate what's Jose's last name , he will say Calderun !
For sure if the Raptors continue winning , the US public will rally behind the Canadian team. The NCAA this year failed to produce a Cinderella team as is usually the case. No George Mason . Only George Bush . They're sick and tired of the war and Bush's failed policy. They hunger for an underdog team to capture their hearts and they don't care if the team is not US based. Hockey , Canada's national sports , failed to catch the fancy of the Americans . ' I don't care if we give it another 30 years, hockey just won't sell in the US ' said Bobcat in his radio show. Don't worry , basketball-Canadian style , will . Then, we Canadians can all shout that the NBA is really fantastic ! Naaanh. It's lacking the Canadian touch. I think it's better this way. The NBeh is fantastique !

Celine Dion : How appropriate . A team from the Titanic Division winning on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic !


Blogger Ty said...

Very funny post today.What a game by Joey.At the rate he's playing,the Raptors can afford to trade Petterson.Maybe Jorge Garbajosa just lost his starting 5 position.

1:36 PM  
Blogger che said...

LOL.Let's see if the Americans will fall in love with the Raptors.I doubt it.Americans supports their own team and superstars like Wade ad Lebron.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Do you think they prefer Canadian bacon on their pizza?
Have a good night Coach!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Up here in Toronto, we don't get Canadian bacon.

11:31 AM  

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