Monday, April 30

Vince's Strategy In The Playoff Series With TO Revealed.

Basketball observers are still perplexed about Vince Carter's roller coaster performance in the current Raptors-Nets playoff series. How can VC be so ordinary in the 1st 2 games and suddenly became superhuman in the next 2 games. Carter explained it this way . ' I am entitled to off days .' said Vinsanity. Vince made 30 points on 30% shooting in the 2 games held in TO. He was basically a non factor against the Raptors' defence and/or the non stop booing he received from 20,000 Raptors fans. No kidding ? 'I'm used to this kind of crowd. I experienced a lot worse in college games ' said Michelle Carter , Vince' Mom before the start of game 1 at ACC when asked about whether she and VC were affected by the rought reception . I believe her having read the book ' Blue Blood ' . The book is about the Duke-Carolina rivalry including accounts of the 2 schools' fans behaviors . So there , the fans' booing should not bother VC no matter what people in TO think. What about Anthony Parker's 'D' on Vince ? After game 2 , fans were hailing AP as the 2nd coming of Bruce Bowen ! Really . AP was coming in second all the time in games 3 and 4. He can't keep up with VC who averaged 32 points on 50% shooting.
I have a theory why VC is less than Vinsanity whenever he is in TO. It's simply business. Unlike ex Raptor Tracy McGrady who enjoyed sticking it to the fans everytime he was in town in the early years , VC still has plenty of ties here. ' Vince still has many friends in Toronto and in fact , he still has his club there'. said the ESPN man in game 3. Why anger the fans , er , the customers . See what some fans wrote about Raptors Super Fan , Nav Bathia . the owner of Hyundai, Missisauga. Bathia , a good friend of VC , is viewed by some fans as a traitor for accompanying Vince's Mom to ACC and for not wearing red the 1st day of the playoff. One suggested that Raptors fans should boycott his car dealership ! Let's see if VC will continue playing to satisfy the fans here or the basketball fans all over the world .


Blogger Sam said...

vince is one of a few players who can turn it on and off at will. it is definitely not out of the realm of believability.

makes you think what kind of player he can be if he kept the switch turned on. probably in the kobe stratosphere.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Stuart A. Thompson said...

I don't buy the whole "doing it on purpose" gag. He was taking the shots, actually attempting more FGs in game 2 than game 3. He just realized that he could walk through the paint without contention and stopped taking stupid Js. Mark my words, game 5 VC gets big numbers. Unfortunately.

Your right about the crowd's thoughts of AP though. I was victim to that too. "Anthony's stopping Vince." Meh, Vince was stopping himself. But I love Parker.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Sounds like the games have plenty of excitement!
Have a great week Coach!

8:09 AM  
Blogger coach said...

VC may not be doing to deserve the chant 'Vince sucks' but sublimally he was not trying hard enuff. The difference really is evident in the no. of baskets he made inside the lane when the games was in Jersey.The shot chart confirmed this.It's like suddenly, VC decided to drive to the basket in games 3 and 4.
I agree though that VC will have a monster game today. He's probably thinking , the folks here got their kicks already.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Ty said...

I still think the Raos will be able to salvage a win or 2.Even this series.That was before the news of TJ's illness.He is the only one who showed some heart in NJ.

10:03 AM  
Blogger che said...

The odds are against a 1st time ,rookie laden team to beat the Nets in a 7 game series.Let's celebrate this team for capturing the Atlantic Div.We'll get them next time.

10:55 AM  

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