Tuesday, May 15

Low ball , Smallball And Boxingball

As expected , Bryan Colangelo offered Sam Mitchell a lower figure than what Sam was reportedly asking . Sam was rumored to be wanting $18 million for 4 years while the Raptors' offer was reportedly for $ 12 million for 3 years only. Whar surprised me was how come the Raptors' low balling of Sam was made public or leaked . It only means that BC is making sure the fans know that if Sam refused the offer , it's Sam's fault. That Sam will viewed as 'greedy' . The same tactic as BC used in Mike James' case. BC have no intention of keeping James but he went thriough the motions just to make sure the fans know that he tried. A proven GM tactic .
If Sam won't sign and Marc Iavaroni is not available or is too 'pricey' , there is always Assistant coach Alex English . The guy has paid his dues so to speak. English served as the assistant coach for 2 other NBA teams aside from the Toronto Raptors. He acted as the head coach in the D league for one season but most of all , the former NBA high scorer knows smallball being a former member of coach Doug Moe's Denver Nuggets. Small ball or Nellieball or run and gun basketball or whatever term in the English language you want to call it , Alex English has played it.
Playoff basketball is intense. ' I love playoff basketball ' said Magic Johnson who was at the Nets-Cavs game last night. The Magicman was a veteran of intense playoff battles. ' It's not the same as the Celts-Lakers playoff games ' . Yup. Those games were brutal. ' It just a love tap ' said TNT's Dick Stockton of the flagrant foul committed by Net Mickey Moore on Cav Pavlovich . Basketball fights or boxing ball were normal in the playoffs then.


Blogger Sam said...

that is how i would do it if i didn't want him back...where did you find out about the leak? i wasnt able to find any references online., although i didnt look that hard.

10:04 AM  
Blogger john said...

I f I am Sam , I will accept whatever BC is offering me.It's his chance to go bigtimeespecially if he is able to last the full extent of his new contract.Don't asked for the sky, Sam.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

Sam will stay put.There is still an unfinished business.He and BC will meet halfway.I'm sure of that.

11:33 PM  
Blogger coach said...

A friend of mine who is somewhat connected to a sports Agent told me abt. this.I believe Sam will accept a 'lil < than he wants in the end.It's different , if Sam was given permission by BC to interview for other teams.He's got more leverage !

9:20 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

man, i dont want sam back, i dont think he is the right guy for the future. you need strategy and quick adjustments in the playoffs, he hasnt shown either so far.

1:18 PM  
Blogger coach said...

too bad . sam said in espn last night that to expect announcement next week. the good thing is that the contract is cut down from 4 yrs.(sam's wish) to 3 yrs. (raps wish) !

9:43 AM  

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