Wednesday, May 9

Will The Raps Try SmallBall Again Next Season ?

Bryan Colangelo is a believer in smallball for sure. I think BC will reinstitute the syatem again once the new season starts. The Raptors abandoned smallball after a disastrous start this season . Why is it important for the Raps to play the run and gun style of basketball ? It's the only hope for success for a team without a dominating big man like Toronto. Phoenix is able to thrive up to now even though their biggest dude is 6'9'' Amare Stoudamaire. This season , the Suns are expected to capture the Western Conference title ( the Suns are currently tied with the Spurs , 1-1 ) and then the NBA crown . Now, there is the Golden State Warriors playing it's own version of smallball called Nellieball . Warrior coach Nelson calls it 'organized chaos' but it's so entertaining it's like watching a Charlie Chaplin movie.You know that in the end, things will end up alright. Ask Baron Davis and also the Dallas Mavericks. I watched game 1 of the Warriors-Mavs 1st round series and since then I'm hooked to Nellieball. It's a lot cheaper than powerball lotto too !
Unless the Raptors get 7'0'" Greg Oden or even just the 7'2" Roy Hilbert soon , they cannot compete for the NBA crown . Without a 1st round draft choice next season , their only hope is to acquire a European version of Shaq. Don't even think about the Greek baby Shaq. He's more like Shaq when the Big Aristotle was 14 years old. Too short. European big men are either too thin (Polands's Cezare Tzabanski) , too slow (Slovak's Rasho Nesteravich) , likes to play outside (Andrea Bargnani) or likes to play possum when Vince Carter dunks like in the Sydney Olympics (France's 7'2" Frederick Weiss). That's why I think there a chance that Sam Mitchell will go to make room for Suns' Assistant coach Marc Iavaroni. BC will low ball Sam in the hope that he will refuse the Raptors' offer and accept a higher one from another team. BC , then will get his 1st choice , Marc Iavaroni. MI knows how to implement smallball. BC hopes MI knows how to accept smallsalary too !

Marc : Wow ! The Raptors top guys will be all Italians - Colangelo, Gheradini , Iavaroni. Arrevadechi , Raptornini !


Blogger Sam said...

getting a rookie head coach has the luxury of not having to pay premium rates. i am still not too kean on this, as i want a tried and tested coach who you cant blame shit on.

sign me up for nelliball. they are a damn fun team to watch play. davis is finally coming into his own as a floor general.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Bixlo said...

what did you think of your 2nd fave team last night? check my site to see what i thought.. haha

2:17 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

I also love the Warriors brand of ball.If the Raps play that way,the fans will go crazy.They need some gutsy guys like Jackson and Davis to be able to do small ball.

9:22 AM  
Blogger coach said...

iavaroni knows more smallball the sam can ever know even if he reads the book '7 seconds or less 'over and over' again.
what do i think of the nets? ask me again after games 3 and 4 .
i agree that raps needs tough guys in their lineup smallball or no smallball!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no way you write for si and snl.

also, no way I have herpes. I don't care what the doctor says.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

i had the cavs in seven in pools. i stand by that. jersey will blow out game 3, then squeak out game 4...i think anyways.

5:27 PM  

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