Wednesday, June 13

Bouncing Ball 24.0

1. No Magic . It appeared that the Orlando Magic missed a great opportunity to capture a place in NBA immortality. Reports said that Spurs Tim Duncan almost become a Magicman sometime ago. Tsk, tsk tsk . It might had been Orlando now in the Finals instead of the boring SA. Oh I forgot . San Antonio is boring because of Tim Duncan ! Anyway , the Orlando Magic missed another step towards greatness when the charismatic 'Gators coach Billy Donovan made an about face and chose college coaching . So instead of Donovan , the Magic got Dono Van Gundy !

2. Lebron Overrated . WTF ! Why are some people suddenly calling Lebron James overrated . Yes , the 22 yr. old has not scored 40 points in this series so far . However , LBJ is putting more than decent numbers . For example , in game 3 played last night , King James registered 25 points . But wait , both teams scored in the low 70s only ( the 2nd lowest in recent NBA Finals ). So in the current low scoring Finals , 20 is the new 40 !

3. Stunning Stan .Move over Chuck , Stan Van Gundy is here . The former coach of the Houston Rockets showed his flair for one liners and comedy . His partnership with former NBA Player Mark Jackson on ABC coverage of the NBA Finals is a big hit . SGV is a natural comedian aside from his being real knowledgeable about basketball . Last night , he joked that for $ 20,000 , he can give up his seat when Mike Breen said that ringside seats were selling at a premium price .


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