Friday, May 18

Sam , Latest Member Of The Raptors Mafia ?

The news is that Sam Mitchell will accept a $ 12 million / 3 years guaranteed contact . It's less than what was rumored to be Sam's asking price and guaranteed years as I posted in my blog last Tuesday. This will give BC some wiggle room in case Sam performs like 2006 Coach Of The Year and the Dallas Mavericks coach, Avery Johnson . The only reason why AJ is still at the helm of Mark Cuban's team is because the Mavs' excellent regular season record. Half of the Raptors fans have some sort of consolation with the less number of years guaranteed . That means tightwad MLSE will not hesitate to fire and pay Sam. Sam , despite his accomplishments this season , has many doubters in the Raps' camp too. Some say Assistant Manager Mauricio Gherardini is silently 'pushing' for fellow Italian Ettore Messina , the CSKA (Russia) coach. Messina , a multi titled coach in the European League , was once Gehardini's coach when he was managing the Italian club, Benetton Treviso. The 1st thing Sam Mitchell has to do is Italianized his name to Sam Michellin as I suggested earlier this season . Sam needs that to be a bonafide member of the Raptors Mafia (see above photo).
Sam is known as Mr.Grouchy by members of the Toronto media. Sam is always quick to censure a reporter or to throw the question back to the one asking him the question or just simply brush aside a question he thinks is stupid . However , he credited the TO media in the press con right after the NBA announced him as the COY awardee this season . Good strategy by Sam . TO media needs tough love to put the ascerbic TO press in place. The press will screw you eventually anyway . Better do the screwing first. Yeh , Sam needs to bully the press whenever or whatever. Come to think of it , why not a tougher name for Sam . A better complete name for Sam is Sammy ' The Bull ' Michellin !
Sam : WTF . You named me after Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano. I'm Smitch not a snitch. I prefer Dapper Sam !


Blogger john said...

LOL. Smitch not a snitch. Whack all your detractors Sammy ! Maybe Sam ' No Respect Dangerfield ' Mitchell is better !

12:12 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

i'm somewhat partial to Sam "the no game plan man" Mitchell.

i was having a bad day until I read the press releases, and now my bad day is officially crap.

i assume Smitch has a blueprint for the next three years...I really would like to see/hear it.

had smitch not won the joke of the year, would he even be getting a 3yr/$12mill offer?

1:52 PM  
Blogger che said...

You are right about the new Mitchell contract.Will your source tell you what made Sam give in to BC's offer.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

i suspect it is strategic. if he can win around 150 games over the next 3 years, he will be in line to get the big bucks multi year $5mill+ per. I could be wrong though.

9:15 PM  
Blogger coach said...

I doubt that Sam will finish the length of his new contract.At some points, BC will cut him.
Just like when the Raps replaced Butch Carter with Lenny Wilkens,the Raps will need a vet to put 'em over the hump.Unless Sam become a Mike D Antoni overnight!

10:23 AM  
Blogger arsenalist said...

coach, I hope you're right about Sam not staying for his entire stay. If that is BC's plan then 4 million sounds like a lot of money to pay a coach for not coaching. I trust in BC though, lets hope his instincts are right.

9:16 PM  

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