Friday, June 15

Bouncing Ball 25.0

1. NBA Finals Ratings .. Last night's NBA Finals game proved it's not Tim Duncan who is ' boring ' . The games were boring because of the low scores .Despite the one sided result of the NBA Finals , the plays of daredevil Manu Ginoblli and spitfire Tony Parker were exciting . .But to those who like all around ball , the series was not bad despite the US TV ratings. . Remember , it's King James's 1st time in the NBA Finals Many sports commentators said the Finals was a non event . I disagree . .When 2 defensive minded teams duke it out , it's a wonderful game to NBA purists. The first 2 games of the Finals have respectable ratings still , I think . .I expect games 3 and 4 ratings to be better . Why ? No Soprano . No Paris Hilton competition .

2. Juanita Banana . New Mexico's coach Reggie Theus is for final interview by the Sacramento Kings' top honchos . Th
e former NBA star ( with the Bulls and the Kings ) was earlier rumored for consideration for the then vacant Charlotte Bobcats coaching job . No way I said . You see , Theus was formerly linked to Juanita Jordan , the fomer Mrs. Air Jordan before she got hooked to MJ . It was even reported then that MJ was jealous because Juanita was playing with Theus' banana , I mean playing good music with the good looking Reggie .

3. Tony-Eva Nuptial .
The Finals is over , Time for the long awaited wedding of NBA champ and Spurs Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria. The 2 are expected to tie the knot next mo
nth . The Frenchman , .a master of lane penetration according to ABC's Nark Jackson , was reportedly ( by Ms. Longoria herself ) not too experience in the other type of penetration . You see , Eva is once married and older than Tony by 5 years at least .In the NBA or wherever , that's a huge difference . Assuming one averages 1 a day , for 5 years , Tony is close to 2000 penetrations behind . Or in the case of Brittney , that's a lot of wheelborrowing !


Blogger Sam said...

this years finals was a major reason why teams like the suns/mavs wont win. good defense always beats good offense.

i am interested to see how the run and gun teams in the west will retool...starting with the suns.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

2000 behind!!!
Wow, I would have never looked at it like that.

7:58 PM  

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