Friday, July 13

Kapono An Upgrade From Mo Pete ?

Jason Kapono was officially signed as a Raptor yesterday and assumed Mo Pete's number ( #24). The former UCLA standout was introduced in a press con wherein he said the customary ' I like the city . I like the team . I like the organization . blah , blah blah .' Just say it Jason - I love the money , dammit . $ 24 mil in 4 years ! Chuck Swirsky said in his radio program on the same day that JK truly loves Toronto's weather ! Huh ? Better than sunny California ? Better than Miami's beaches with chicks in bikini environ ? Unless you are one of those who love all 4 seasons , I believe you Jason . TO's seasons is the reason .
Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo said in his intro that JK is one of those who was 'kicked around' before he found his place in the league. Agree. I think it was his Agent who said years ago in frustration that if Kapono is from some place in Europe , NBA teams will be scrambling all over him . Kapono remains as American as Bart Simpson but BC is all agog over him . Why ? Kapono is a foreign sounding surname ! As Italian as in mojorno , no ? ' He will fit the Raptors' style of play ' he added . Huh ? Shoot 3's but no D style of play ? One hit wonder style of play ? Well , trust B.C. . He knows what he's doing . One TO paper wrote that Kapono may supplant Jorge Garbajosa in the Raptors' starting 5 ! Yeah right . Kaporno to replace the Porno King Garbo ? Meantime , Mo Pete's iron man and more complete style of play is headed to Mormon country or Moron country where a DA just got disbarred for putting his political interest above the rights of some Duke lacrosse players . Well, if this signing does'nt turn out right , B.C. may be in trouble for putting his Italian heritage above Mo Pete's herpes !

Mo Pete : I'm going to Utah 'coz of Hoffa !


Blogger Sam said...

this move seems like a lateral one. what we lose in defense, slashing and athleticism; we gain in consistent shooting. not sure that is the move we want to be making. but i like kapono, and bc gets the benefit of the doubt at the moment. still need rebounding and toughness on this squad tho.

9:18 AM  
Blogger arsenalist said...

He's an upgrade on the offensive end which is a welcome but he's also not as good a defender or a rebounder as Mo Pete. Then again Mo Pete was either out of shape or in the doghouse for most of the last two years. I'd say we got better offensively and lost a bit on the defensive end.

2:10 PM  
Blogger coach said...

I guess it's N.O. for Mo . Enuff of Hoffa .

2:10 PM  

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