Friday, June 29

Implications Of Draft Day Happenings !

Yes sir . As expected , the Atlantic Division just underwent an extreme makeover . Well sort of . Two division rivals were suddenly ' contenders ' for the division crown . Sharpshooter Ray Allen joined the Bostons Celtics in exchange for the no. 5 pick and Wally Z and Delonte West . ' The Celtics are expected to win 41 games with the new lineup ' said a Boston Globe beatwriter . The Icon From UConn can light it up from the 3 point shot as well as from medium range. Allen is known over here as a certified Raptor Killer . He got game because Allen starred in the film He Got Game . Allen is a lot better than the no.5 draft pick the Celts originally have . Don't be surprise if Kevin Garnett suddenly change his mind about not wanting to go to Beantown . After all , not only is Ray Allen a Celtic but more importantly , long time nemesis , Wally Z. is not a Celtic anymore . In such a case , make it 50 wins minimum for Boston !
What about the Knicks ? Based on the crowd's reactions to the trade that will bring Zach ' Idi Amin ' Randolf to the Big Apple for deadweight Steve Francis and the suddenly ' touchable ' Channing Frye , the Knicks will now have a real NBA team . The Last King Of Scotla... er.. Portland is a bonafide 20/10 baller . A reliable go to guy inside the paint . Asked if he did the usual background check on the troublesome big guy , Isiah Thomas said Zach's former college coach Tom Izzo vouched for him .Hmm . Will Izzo vouched for fellow Spartan and soon to be FA Mo Pete ? Of course . I doubt ii though that Isiah will ask for it. You see , Mo Pete and Isiah nearly came to blows years ago when Petterson accidentally tripped then Pacer Al Harrington . Then Indiana coach Isiah thought it was a dirty play . Only Lenny Wilkens intervention prevented the incident from turning coyote ugly . Wilkens tightly embraced Isiah as he went after the Raptors forward . It helped that Isiah used Tide detergent in washing his clothes !


Blogger Sam said...

i'm alone in this apparantly, but i think the knicks are going to be much improved.

1:46 PM  
Blogger coach said...

You are not alone . NY will be playoff bound next season !

3:33 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

We're creating a draft grade page for each nba team blogger to fill out for their team.

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We realize the Mavs didn't do much in the draft but we would love to have a grade and blurb about them.

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11:50 AM  

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