Thursday, August 9

Bouncing Balls 29.0

1. Wrong Address. Former Pacer Reggie Miller is contemplating returning to the NBA by playing for the Boston Celtics . Why Boston, the arch rival of the LA Lakers ? Miller is originally a Lakers fan growing up in sunny California and having played college ball as a UCLA Bruin. In fact, early in his NBA career, Miller called himself Mr. Hollywood . When MJ visited Indiana then , Reg proclaimed the battles as Air Jordan vs. Hollywood ! Common Reggie , Kobe needs you. That is if Kobe remains in LaLa land !

2. More NBA Returnee Wanna Be ? . Yes sir . More NBA retirees are contemplating returning to action. There is former Raptor Charles Oakley saying he's waiting for a call from NBA teams. Then, Reggie Miller as I have written above .Now, former member of the New York Knicks, Allan Houston , is wanting to be a Maverick or a Cavalier. Hmm. Let's see. Houston is 36 years old and a sharpshooter , Reggie is 42 years old and a sharpshooter and Oakley , a hundred years old and a sharp .. .talker . What is the Oak thinking ?. He got no more game. Maybe if basketball has the equivalent of baseball's designated hitter (DH) ala Big Papi Ortiz of the Red Sox . Yah. Oak can be the designated bullshitter !

3. Iran Run Run . So it's Iran who got to represent Asia in the Beijing Olympics Games in 2008 having come out on top of the regional FIBA-Asia basketball tourney. It's Iran's 1st Olympic basketball stint. If LeBron and Co. qualify by topping the FIBA-Americas this month , the 2 teams may likely meet . It's like the USA-USSR of the past. That is if Dubya will not bomb Iran before the Olympics . Today , before going to Maine for his annual summer vacation , he warned Iran again about interferring in Irag ! And what is the US of A doing in Irag ? Touche .


Blogger che said...

Penny Hardaway is also coming out of retirement.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Fariborz Shamshiri said...

It's called Dubai and Iraq, not Irag!

1:13 PM  

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