Friday, August 3

Bouncing Balls 28.0

1. Annoying Leo . Leo Rautins is finally ' able to put things where his mouth is '. Or walk the walk . The seemingly endless basketball sermons he subjected Raptors fans in his role as Raptors' game Analyst were finally put to use . Rautins' sermons apparently were of no use even to the captive members of the Canada men's national team which includes his son who is a college player of Syracuse University . The team finished a dismal 7th beating only Virgin Island . What if Tim Duncan played for his native VI ? Leo , just concentrate on your day job . Leave us poor TV audience alone please !

Justify Full2. CBC Broadcasting Team. MLSE announced this week that CBC will cover 12 games of the Toronto Raptors. Good . Especially that the news said CBC is reluctant to use the trio of Leo/Chuck/Jack for its telecasting crew. I remember the time when the likes of ESPN's John Saunders and NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry used to do basketball telecast in Canada. Both sre bonafide talents. They are serious in their craft and do not resort to gimmicky or corny humor to keep their audience interested. Who should CBC get as its b'ball analyst ? None other than ex Raptor Charles Oakley . It's the answer to the other Charles (Barkley) of TNT. Of course , just like Barkley , Oakley must be given the license to say what he wants . Just make sure to put a 10 second delay , OK CBC ?

3. The NBA Is Back. Yesterday , the NBA Head Office released the 2007-08 schedule . Fans are excited about this coming season for various reasons . Traditional basketball power Boston is back . The incomibg f rooks led by Durant and Oden are exciting . Lastly , the East is approaching parity with the West . I heard from one guy at ESPN's Mike And Mike morning sports talk show that the NBA is back . Not too fast . I think it will really be back if Pau Gasol becomes a member of the Chicago Bulls and the teams of the 2 media centers of the US , LA and NY, are competitive . What should Stern do ? Well , they can exchange coaches . The Knicks will take former NY player Phil Jackson , and Hollywood will get Losing Isiah where it belongs. In the classic films archive !


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