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Raptors , 3rd In The Atlantic ?

As I predicted in my past post, the Celtics will become attractive to Kevin Garnett with the 'dispatching' of arch enemy Wally Sczerbiak and the acquisition of All Star Ray Allen from the Seattle Supersonics. Boston is now the right franchise for KG. And it's official . The marriage of KG and Boston , or KGB . Deadly . ESPN Analyst , Kiki Vandeghwe , thinks the C's can beat the best of the West- the Spurs , the Mavs and the Suns. What will they do to the Toronto Raptors then ? Do I sense panic in the Raptors camp ? The Raps better 'improve' themselves. Management must do something other than add its version of KGB or rather , KJB - Kapono, Jermairo (Moon) and Baston. Unfortunately , Toronto and its fans acquired a false sense of superiority based on the surprising performance last season . They don't realize that their starting 5 is nothing compared with the opposition and that there will be no surprises this time around. Oh yes , there is. When the whole of TO hails Colangelo. I mean give BC a hail of insults ala Babcock .
Let's go team by team .

1. NJ Nets . Their Big 3 is intact and more stable - Kidd, RJ and VC . Then , Kristic is back supported now by Jamal Magliore or vice versa and Boki Nachbar . The Nets rook Sean Williams could have been a top 10 draft choice if not for some 'personal' problems . Imagine that . The Nets have 2 first round draftees by default. Last season , it was Marcus Williams .
2. Boston C's . The new Big 3 - Pierce , Allen and KG . Rondo will be at point or a vet guard still to be acquired. Danny Ainge said he is not done dealing yet. Huh ? Who's left to trade ? Maybe Doc Rivers ?
3. NY Knicks - Curry will now be aided by the newly acquired ' 20/10 man ' - Randolf. The usual suspects are still there . Starbury , Q Rich , Crawford and 6th man extraordinaire, Lee. Expect Isiah to do something dramatic to cope up with the competition . Maybe even trade NY's Alex Rodrigues for an NBA All Star ! Ooops . Wrong team .

Forget the 76ers. They are the deepsixers for the next few seasons. Where will TO be ? Battling for 3rd in the Division with New York ! Consider that 31 year old Anthony Parker and near 30 Garbajosa will be a year older and slower . But KG, Pierce and Allen are a year older too - 30 something . Not in the new situ at Beantown ? ' I feel like a rookie again ' said Paul Pierce in yesterday's press con introducing KG . Ditto for KG and Ray. I hope fans of the Raps don't feel like losers again !

B.C : I wonder how much is a bullet proof vest ?


Blogger Sam said...

the raptors are probably the deepest team in the atlantic, but 3rd sounds about right. if new york can get their act together, they might take the 3rd spot.

very possible the atlantic sends 3 teams to the playoffs this season. we went from the worst division, to 3rd best in a couple months. now, if only we had good coaches...

10:32 PM  
Blogger alex said...

Toronto should be pretty safely in the top three, although the division is much-improved, and they may in fact finish third. I just don't see the Knicks turning it around that much, that fast.

12:48 AM  
Blogger alex said...

Oh, and I know you checked out my blog at

I have yours linked on my site... are you interested in linking mine on yours? Let me know.


12:49 AM  
Blogger coach said...

sam - i'm not sure the Atlantic Div. will send 3 teams to the playoff. no division will . there is parity in all of the 4 divisions in the East now.

alex - i will gladly link ur site . nice it's informative .

11:31 AM  
Blogger che said...

The Raps still will surprise this coming season. Bargnani will be better, Bosh will play an All Star season and especially in playoff again the supporting cast will ne there as usual.Lastly, Sam will rise up as sure as his salary rose up. Have faith man.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

i have faith...but not in mitchell. he showed no ability last season. i hope you are right, i cant deal with another season of the high pick and roll.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Lee Ann said...

Hey Coach, I have missed you. I am so glad you came over.
Have a great weekend.

5:43 PM  

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