Wednesday, August 15

Hoffa Deserves To Stay In The NBA

With the news that Ukraine center Kyrylo Fesenko about to sign a guaranteed contract with the Utah Jazz , the hopes of Rafael Araujo returning to the team is practically over. Maybe even in the NBA. Reports said that Araujo maybe Europe bound . ' Hoffa will have a chance to play over there than continue as a backup center in the NBA ' said one Agent. Too bad . In Toronto , as well as in Utah , Hoffa is known as a hardworker. He sees to it that he stays after practice is over . No , not to collect the dirty uniforms of his fellow players but to further polish his skills. I guess the Jazz powers that be consider Feseko as having more upside . Why not . The guy is only 20 years old and stands 7'1''while Hoffa is 27 years old and stands ... I mean, sits on the bench normally . Most NBA watchers think Hoffa has reached his potential. Unfortunately , Hoffa's full potential is not to NBA standard. What's Hoffa's hope ?
If I am Hoffa I will re invent myself . There are plenty of white , slow dudes who stayed long in the league by being a niche player . What do I mean by that ? Obviously , Hoffa can't be a 3 point specialist or a slam dunk artist . He only can follow Bill Laimber style of play . In his heyday as a Detroit Piston , Laimbeer was known as a dirty player but his coach loved him while rival coaches hated him. But not enough. ' Every end of the season , other teams asked if Laimbeer was available ' said Pistons' coach Chuck Daly then. Or be just like Washington Bullet , Jeff Ruland . He's another white guy who can barely jump but was able to collar the rebound if not the opposing player's neck . Ruland and Rick Mahorn were then known as the Bruise Brothers because of their rugged style of play bordering to rough play. Easier said than done, huh . Hoffa got the built and even the tatoos but he needs to be more menacing on the court. Like in the recently concluded Summer League in Utah . Hoffa was too nice especially to Fesenko. The guy is going after your job . Avoid motivating him by giving him some skins and way to go tap in the behind. Now , Fesenko gave you a kick from behind. Be mean and rugged . Live up to the monicker , The Brazilian Beast , that Chuck gave you. Otherwise , be a fashion model like fellow Brazilian , Gisele Bundchen. She makes more money than most NBA players !

Hoffa : If the NBA does'nt want me anymore , I'll be a porn star-HoffaLong Araujo !.


Blogger Sam said...

holy cow, that is a seriously long article about hoffa. that being said...

i always contended that hoffa would be out of the league once his rookie contract was up. there are a lot of guys who work hard, have better skills, and are out of the league. hoffa owes babcock major sexual favours for the millions of dollars he got from being taken 8th (ahead of andre iguadala no less).

one thing that has been perplexing me lately is all the media attention hoffa is getting. it is pretty significant considering the guy has played what, 33 full games, over the last 3 years.

12:50 AM  
Blogger che said...

What Hoffa needs is a makeover.His big body and tatoos are of no use if his baby face remains clean cut.Hoffa needs facial hair like Ruland or Baron Davis.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Mad Child said...

You need help.

7:09 PM  
Blogger coach said...

Maybe it's not the end of Hoffa's NBA career.The Jazz is retaining Hoffa 'til summer camp.After that, it's either Hoffa is cut or he replaces David 'The Hof' H. in America's Got Talent !

8:25 PM  

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