Monday, August 27

Bouncing Ball 31.0

1. Team USA . Is the current Team USA the second coming of the original Dream Team ? The way they are beating their opponents in FIBA Americas , you would think that this team is it . In the first 3 games , Team USA beat the opposing squad by no less than 40 point margin just like the original Dream Team . Actually , the current Team USA is much younger than the 1992 squad. The MJ led team has some stars past their prime ( Bird, Ewing and Olajuwon ). This team is oozing with youth. It's should be called the Mc Dreamy Team !

2. New Lakers Center. So far , all is quiet in the LA front. Kobe is busy with Team USA . There is a little news about the Fish (Derek Fisher) returning to the men in gold and blue but otherwise , it's ho hum . Aha, there is the addition of Larry Turner , a 6'11" center but the buzz is happening mostly in the Phillipines. Why ? It appears that Turner trained in that hotbed of basketball in Asia prior to being signed by the Lakers.

3. Dancing Mav . Looks like Mavs owner has caught the dancing bug. Mark Cuban will appear in the popular ABC program in season 5 of Dancing With The Stars with other celebrities like Scary Spice , Tori Spelling and Jane Seymour. Cuban have to dress up definitely. No more t shirts , Mark . MC is not only the sports representative here. Floyd Merriweather will follow boxer Evander Holyfield's footsteps. I mean, dancing steps !


Blogger Sam said...

as far as the second coming...they might be the best team since the dream team, but they aren't comparable. that team would pound on these guys...laettner and all.

also, olajuwon wasn't past his prime when he was on dream team. he won two nba championships after that.

10:04 AM  
Blogger coach said...

Yeah , you are right. I shd. have wrote Magic .

10:11 AM  

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