Wednesday, September 5

Kobe As Bill Gates !

Coming from a succesful FIBA Tournament , Kobe Bryant flew in to Manila as part of the Nike sponsored Asian trip that will take him to China , Hongkong and Taiwan. Kobe , according to reports was treated more than visiting heads of state. Awesome. It seems that Kobe's sins were forgiven . Even construction workers atop the buildings stopped their work and gawked at the Lakers superstar. I won't be surprise if the President of the Phillippines will invite Kobe for a courtesy call.Kobe is more popular in Asia than in the US of A .The good thing about these trips is that it pay back in terms of shoes and jersey sales. That is not counting the fake NBA jerseys made in China !
If the reported wooing of Kobe by the Knicks will be a success, New York will be devastating. Good for Gotham City . Better for the Atlantic Division . Worse for the Toronto Raptors ! Toronto will be the only team with Philadelphia that did not undergo extreme makeover . Boston has Garnett and Allen . Let's hope that the Lakers' owner , Dr. Jerry Bush , who was recently placed under probation for DUI, will not let Kobe change address. Kobe said if he had his wish , the men in gold and purple might as well be in red , white and blue . ' Assuming I'm Bill Gates . I'll start with Team USA to rebuild the Lakers ' said Kobe to the press in Manila. The Knicks owner James Dolan can afford to grant Kobe's wish too. Dolan's conterpart in New York , George Steinbrenner of the Yankees , has the habit of acquiring highly paid superstars . You see , it's a New York thing !

Gates : We have something in common Kobe . We both have our mugshots taken by the police !


Blogger che said...

Now that Bryant experienced playing with great players,the more he will demand the Lakers surround him with quality players like Kidd.Watch out Mitch Kupchak.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

if the knicks got kobe...the atlantic would be the best division in the nba...scary!

12:13 PM  

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