Friday, August 31

The Fine Art Of ( Basketball ) Courting !

Steve Nash , Welcome . Jamal Magliore , Not . That seems to be the sentiments of the members of the Canadian seniors basketball team and its coach. Do they think Steve Nash alone can lift the team to victory ? No way . The same manner that Leandro Barboza , Carlos Arroyo and Scola cannot make Brazil . Puerto Rico and Argentina go past Team USA . Granted that the reigning MVP of the NBA is head and shoulders above these 3 NBAers playing in the FIBA Americas , Nash will find it difficult to weave his magic versus the pressing defense of Team USA . ' I want to defend the best man on the other team .' said Kobe to coach K. The Laker guard silenced tournament high scorers like Barbosa and Ayuso . If Argentine Scola is a guard or forward , Kobe surely will be all over him last night. So its better that coach Rautins not close the door on Magliore with statements like he released yesterday . ' It up to the players in this team . They gave their butts out ' said the national team coach. Team Canada needs all the help it can get to qualify for the Olympics next year. Yes , the New Jersey Net center is playing hard to get . So what . That's part of the game. But hopefully , Leo should not use his position as a member of the Raptors TV announcing team to court Magliore. This past season , Leo heaped praises on Magliore , Nash and Dalembert profusely every time their teams played the Raps. Sometimes bordering to ' pimping on the air ' . Look at Jamal sits on the bench . What poetry in motion ! . And how he chews his gum . Fantastic ! Well , not actually like that but close .
Team Canada has a better chance of landing Jamal than Steve Nash . But when will the people of Canada Basketball admit that Nash is NOT playing basketball anymore outside of the NBA . He said so himself. Nash said he needs to reserve his energy for the upcoming NBA seasons in the next 3 years. Nash played for years for the national team before causing him to fade prematurely . Now , Steve is wiser ... and fresher when the NBA playoffs start. ' Larry Bird is not coming through that door . Kevin McHale is not coming through that door. Robert Parish is not coming through that door ' said then Celtics coach Rick Pitino to the Boston sportswriters. Several weeks after this statement was made, Pitino came out of the NBA coaching door. So all together now . Steve Nash is not coming through the door. Unless , its the Suns' locker room door !

Rautins : What does Jamal really wants ? Change the name of the team from Team Canada to Team Jamaicanada ?


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