Tuesday, October 2

No Mas Thomas !

It's all over. The case versus Knicks' coach Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden is finally over. The jury agreed that Thomas (1) and his employer -Madison Square Garden - are guilty of sexually harassing Anucha Brown. The other Brown (deposed NY coach- Larry Brown ) must be laughing at the outcome. The decision came a few days after US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas came out on Nightline to promote his memoirs, My Grandfather's Son . One would remember Thomas (2) was accused by a court clerk , Anita Hill who he claimed was a mediocre employee just like Anucha according to MSG . Thomas (2) survived the sexual harassment charge and went on to be confirmed . So let's go play real ball said the Knicks fans. No mas . Enuff already . All is resolved .Isiah lost , MSG lost , Britney lost !
Isiah Thomas should come out of this 'bump in the road' stronger. After all , Thomas (1) has been through numerous bumps on his way to his present position. Let's cite some of 'em 1) Larry Bird - if Bird is white,he's just an ordinary player-brouhaha 2) the Raptors ownership battle 3) NBL bankruptcy . Then there were the lesser ones like the MJ freezin' and Magic's holin' ! Thomas (1) came out of each episode fighting. Thomas (1) is a survivor. The guy was known during his playing days as the Smiling Assasin for nothin.' Clarence Thomas is kinda' different. 'He's still a bitter man' said one African-American journalist on TV last night. Thomas (2) was said to have put a 15 cents tag on his Yale diploma because 'he was not able to get the expected job offers right after graduation like his white classmates did' the jman beffudingly added. So there . One Thomas is bitter and the other one ... better !

Bill : Rookies !


Blogger Ahem said...

It is the end of the road for the Knicks' coach.I see him leaving the bench early this season.

8:31 AM  
Blogger john said...

Poor Knicks fans including me.When will things become normal.Stern should put intervene !

9:11 AM  

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