Monday, October 15

Killing Me Softly With Your Game .

Recenttly , the words coming out of the mouth of the Raptors main men-coach Sam Mitchell and Chris Bosh- relayed one thing to the team : we are soft. Ultra soft. No matter how they tried to masked their message with such words as we need to be tough and we must be aggressive , the meaning is the same. What the hell can't these 2 be more honest and direct. My peewee basketball coach was more forceful tham them ! He would say ' let's kill our opponents or take no prisoners , boys '. We understood what we need to do. One reason for the team's softness is the departure of the team's Ironman, Morris Peterson. Mo Pete was replaced by Jason Kapono and/or Delfino in the lineup .Why oh why,B.C. ? The guy is fearless . My Gosh , he even has skeletor as his shopping buddy !
If the Raptors think that this coming season will be a walk in the park, they are deadly wrong. Maybe a walk in the park located in Killadelphia . Talking of Philadelphia , the 76ers , considered the weakest in the Atlantic Division, are definitely tougher than Toronto .Do you know why ? The 76ers have no Europeans ! No Vlade Divac clones. The ex Laker,ex King was ex cellent in flopping.' That is what Europeans considered good defense. ' said one NBA player critical of Divac's constant flopping . Not only that they flop , the Euros are whiners , no , make that cryers . See how Utah's Andrei Kirilenko cried in front of millions of TV viewers. So to B.C., no more Europeans if you want your team to be tough. Unless they are from Queenstown. No , not in Europe , but in Queenstown , Philadelphia ! !


Blogger Amboy said...

Kirilenko looks goofy in the pic .

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more...we are doomed. The Knicks and Celtics have decided that the Atlantic is to be determined amongst them and them only, while the Raptors are going to continue the tour of the NBA as a punching bag for wins. Sweet. I love this team. Everyone is a church boy that any chicks mom wants at the dinner table. No killers .. at all. NONE. Just change the unis to pink.

5:21 AM  

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