Saturday, October 13

Real Madrid Loss Exposes Raps' Real Problems !

Yes the Raptors lost to the Boston Celtics too in the opener of the NBA Europe Live but coach Sam Mitchell was not as livid as after Thursday's debacle against a Euro basketball team, Real Madrid. You better believe it. Sam's frustration was real. It was very evident after that last sec turnover by TJ Ford. 'B u l l s h i t ' shouted the Raps' coach. 'Ole,ole,ole' answered the crowd.

1. Jason Kapono . The big acquisition this summer by B.C. is a big dud. JK failed to register double digits in 3 games to match his double figure salary ($24 mil/3 yrs.). In fact, Sam has demoted the 3 point shooting King of the NBA from the starting 5 in the RM's game after starting Kapono vs. the Cs. Jason should cut down on his gondolaing and buckle down to the business of basketball! . How about shooting baskets instead of pictures, Jason ?

2. Big forward is still a big problem. Maceo Baston ,the 6'9'' transferee from the Pacers , failed to suit up except in the closing mins. of the game vs. Boston. I got the feeling Sam fielded Baston in this game only as a joke to his GM. You know .Baston vs. Boston .

3. 'Soft' tag. Sam said after the game ' no one wants to do the dirty work and that he needs a tough guy . This is definitely a problem if the coach is tougher than all it's players combined. Player Sam once challenged Charles Barkley to a fisticuff in the parking lot (Charles wisely did not show up).'Sam lasted 11 years in the NBA doing the dirty work' said NBA TV's Rick Kamla. And I don't mean collecting Kevin Garnet's soiled clothes.

4. Raptors' bench is deep ? Before the start of these pre season games , most Raps' fans and TO sportwriters felt that the team's bench is at least 10 man deep. It appears now , that the team is in deep.....deep trouble . If B.C. continues to posture in his GQ attire , the Raptors will be DQ'd come playoff time !

B.C.: Posturing ! Who's posturing ?
I'm standing like this 'cuz my right leg
is shorter than my left leg !


Blogger john said...

Give us Colangelo anytime.He's 100 times better than what we got right now.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

I like that photo of B.C..He is really cool.I wonder if he'd remain cool after this coming season.The Raptors are still a poor rebounding team.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Amboy said...

LOL.Funny post.

5:47 PM  

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