Monday, October 8

So You Think You Can Dunk , Europe ?

The news lately is that Europe is 'hot' to enter the NBA World. Last week , ESPN reported that ex NBAer Vlade Divac met with Com. David Stern to discuss such possibility. It's not like an NBA Euro thing is not in the mind of the league since the NBA started participating in the NBA-Mc Donalds mini tournaments many years ago . Stern is just waiting for the right time. He does'nt want to suffer the rough start that Disneyland Europe in France experienced in '92. Disney Euro ? Yes, the giant fun business that Mickey Mouse built . Stern believes that the NBA must be sold as a mix of entertainment and sports. Hear that , hockey guys in Canada. Some puckheads want to push the NHL in Europe. ' In as much as the game continues to fail to catch the fancy of the Americans , the league should instead go to London or Stockholm (Sweden) ' one announcer in Primetime Sports last week. Maybe . Hockey is not much of a sport but it sure has built in violence. Only here in Canada , we just don't call it hooliganism. Just hockey fights !
I'm not sure the US formula (mix of fun and ball) is good in Europe. In Germany,England and Spain , that's teaching the kids to participate in hooliganism . What kind of mascots will Euro teams have ? The murdering London (Jack D) Rippers ? The Jew hating Munich Nazis ? Don't forget the blood thirsty Rumanian Draculas .What will happen if the Chicago Bulls face the Barcelona Matadors ? No contest . What about the mascot of a free love country like Sweden ? Entertainment there must be something that keeps the body warm if you get my drift. Those halftime stuff of dancing scantily clad cheerleaders won't simply do . Think nude basketball ! I'm not to sure that the mix of fun and ball is a good idea. Let's just stick to basketball , Mr. Stern. Or else you might find yourself imposing disciplinary actions after every single game ! No, not paltry suspensions or fine . More like off with his head !

Howard Stern : I wanna be the Commisioner Of NBA Europe. Commisioner Stern !


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Nude ball=Cool.

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