Wednesday, October 10

Raptors ToDie !

Here we go again. The start of mediocrity. The Raptors Today show on Raptors TV is as bad as usual. No, make that worser. The set is migraine inducing and shouts of overacting. That set really has one message to viewers . Our host Paul Johnson and analyst Sherman Hamilton are substandard so don't mind 'em . Look at all those moving lights ! Like they say in school - ' If you're report lacks substance , don't worry . Dazzle them with your b.s '. Analyst Sherman Hamilton has a face made for radio. Don't you guys at Raptors TV know that ! Spare Sherm the humiliation . Spare us viewers the perspiration. It's good if the guy has high basketball credentials. Sherm is a Canadian college player. Absolutely no NBA experience.In the Raps vs. Lottomica game , Raptors TV supplanted ESPN's halftime coverage with Sherm's dissection of the game . Nice . ESPN respected basketball Analyst Hubie Brown out and in came Raptors TV Anal yst or is it Analess ? That brings me to an incident that happenned in last season's playoff coverage. A viewer asked Paul this ,' Why can't we show ESPN's coverage of the Raptors game ? Paul's answer : ' because you are in Canada !
If Raptors TV really cares about it's viewers , it should at least upgrade the basketball panel.What is the importance of getting a bonafide basketball Analyst ? Take the same game held in Rome,Italy. ESPN's Brown gave vewers an insight of how Lotto's 36 years old center was giving the Raps' big men a challenge in the middle. ' G.Fucha was a legit center/forward once upon a time- can shoot the mid range shot and take it to the basket ' Brown said of the Lotto cager who was in the US as a young man years ago. Insights like this is important. The long time coach in the NBA surely scouted the beanpole numerous time for his NBA team(s). Tidbits like these are missing in the Raptors coverage of the NBA games because we are in Canada !.

Hubie: I have a face not made for HDTV !


Blogger Ty said...

Hubie is the best basketball Analyst.His experience is beyond compare.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Amboy said...

Nice blog.

5:48 PM  

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