Thursday, October 11

Andrea The Giant.

Did you see Andrea Bargnani lately ? Andrea noticeably added more pounds this off season. 'Bargnani is more suited now to play center (?) with the extra weight ' said one in the Raps'ors' camp. Andrea added 10-15 pounds to his 7'0'' frame . He is now between 255-258 lbs. (see before and after pics below) .Not exactly like the late wrestler Andre The Giant , who was 500 pounds but bulky nevertheless. Why not? Sam seems determined to put him(Andrea) in the starting 5 in place of the velocity challenged Rasho Nestorovich. " I will start and play whoever is suited ' said coach Mitchell when asked why he put Bargnani to start the game versus Boston in Rome. 'It's like the last playoff (vs. New Jersey) , I did not play Rasho because it was not right ' added Sam. But Andrea is still the smooth shooter that he is.His stroke from the 3 pt. line is still deadly.
Andrea seems determined to collar more rebounds this coming NBA season. The Italian cager also said that he aims also to improve his defense especially against the big guys in the NBA. In other words , Andrea will no longer be a pushover. It might be recalled that early in his rookie year , King Raptor Chris Bosh berated Andrea in front of TV viewers and those in the Golden State arena when the smaller then Warrior Ike Diogu (6'8''/250 lbs.) repeatedly outpositioned and outrebounded him.No more of that , Ike . Andrea is a bigger ass than you now... I mean , Andrea's ass is bigger than yours now !

Ike : That's what you think, Andrea.
My ass become even bigger last season
sitting on the Pacers' bench !


Blogger john said...

Bargnani scored 20 points last night but has very little contribution in rebounds.It's either you have the knack for rebounding or not.He will take a long,long time to be like Rodman.

8:30 AM  
Blogger che said...

Andrea will be an All Star if he improves on his rebounding.
If he does not,he will just be a bigger version of Jason Kapono.

11:10 PM  

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