Friday, October 19

It's Just Money Being Money.

My fav baseball team,the Boston Red Sox, won last night to extend their series versus the Cleveland Indians (series now stands at 3-2). Good for Bosox fans especially Manny Ramirez'. Ramirez was the subject of criticisms by some , or is it many , when he said a after game 4 loss that brought his team on the brink of elimination and another championshipless season ' if it does'nt happen, so who cares . Sound uncaring ? No . It's just typical Manny His fans know that come game time , Manny is all business. It's just Manny being Manny as they say in Boston. I just hope the Raptors have somebody as colorful and as great as Manny. Not a bunch of bland players playing a bland kind of basketball. It was a far cry from the days of Vince Carter , Charles Oakley , Muggsy Bouges and Junkyard Dog to mention a few of ex Raptors crowd pleasers on and off the court. So Raptors' fans who continue to wonder why the team is not in TNT/ESPN/NBA TV more than the customary intro game a season . Simple .The producers of these stations need to put up games that interests the most numbers of basketball fans . Stateside fans specifically . They do not really care about Bargnani or Bosh until they become household names in the US not Canada . Do you see commercials featuring these 2 by Nike or Mc Donalds ? Not even the local Tim Horton get them to push it's doughnuts . And dought is what makes the NBA go 'round like a basketball. Yes sir . it's still money being money !

Keon Clark : Maybe I should play again for the Raptors. Afterall , I am a household name the criminal household !.


Blogger Ty said...

I disagree with you.The Raptors are an exciting team with TJ,Jose and CB4.You should be at ACC during games to feel the adrenaline rush !

12:34 PM  
Anonymous arsenalist said...

Man, all those crimes Keon is convicted off are harmless. I've done most of them and I'm not considered a harm to society:

- possession of marijuana: c'mon man, we all have done this one
- suspended license: as we speak
- uninsured vehicle: i drove my cousins mazda a couple days back, the guy doesn't know what insurance is.
- driving under the influence: been there, done that
- weapons charges: I've carried a knife before.

Let the man free.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Tyson said...

These are minor crimes but, hey, those things are illegal. In this country anyway.

7:58 AM  

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