Wednesday, October 17

The Raps' 3 J's In Small Forward Position - Joey, Jason And Jailfino !

With the departure of Mo Pete and the newfound vigor of contract year Joey Graham , coach Sam Mitchell found a new jailbird in Carlos Jailfino . Delfino will find himself in the doghouse for sure based on Sam's statement made public to the press. ' Right now, based on the practices , Delfino has to pick it up ' he said. ' With Joey and Jason , I thought they have been working hard ' Uh oh , conclusion is that Delfino is not working hard ! That's Sam's way of catching the attention of underperforming players of his. Too bad for Delfino who don't know how Sam's punishment syatem works. Graham took more 2 years to regain Sam's confidence in him again. Andrea Bargani took the GM's intervention to play with confidence after the benching from Sam. Mo Pete took his bag and went away to another team !
Carlos Delfino is counting on a good year with the Raps to stay in the major league. Delfino said of his trade from Detroit to TO ' If I stayed with the Pistons , I am sure it would have been my last NBA season ' . Guess what Carlos , get your ticket for your return to Europe or wherever you see yourself playing next. You will have a hard time breaking the Joey then Jason (or vice versa) fielding rotation of Sam now that he voiced his choices for the small forward position. The remaining playing time after the 2 Js will be negligible this year. Joey G. will be playing extra hard (and consistent ?) this being his contract year. Jason Kapono , with his enormous contract , wil play extra hard because he does'nt want to end up like ex Raptor Rafael Araujo. Yes , that Hoffa who was since released by the Jazz (to Russia) after being jettisoned by the Raps to the land of the Morons ...err...Mormons. 'The problem with Hoffa's situ in TO was that he was drafted too high (#6) ' said countryman and Cavalier Andy Varejao. Really ? I've always thought that the problem was that Rob Babcock's basketball IQ is too low !

Jailpino : I am in Sam's jailhouse ?
Will I get to wear this uniform ?


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