Friday, October 26

DelfiNo Contract And Walker Walks On Threadmill.

There was suddenly a bounce in Carlos Delfino's game last night vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers . The tranferee from the Detroit Pistons scored a game high 18 points and collared 9 big rebounds. It's about time. Delfino must have read coach Sam Mtchell's comments last week about his lack of efforts. Now the coach is even providing an excuse for Delfino's lackluster performance prior to last night's pre season game which the Raptors won , 111-78. Jet lag ! Really . Michael Jordan has a better explanation for a player suddenly finding his game at the right time. ' It must be his contact year ' said Air Jordan. Think Jerome James , Theo Ratliff and many others . That's why I don't understand the barrage of calls by fans to sign D Leaguer and Raptor newcomer Janario Moon to fill the no. 15 spot in place of proven vet Juan Dixon or the more versatile Luke Jackson. Yes , Moon has a flashy game . He has a couple of good pre season games (vs. Lotto and Boston). ' Moon can put the ball on the floor and can make outside shots ' said the Boston TV sportscaster after the forward scored against a Celtics defender . It must be his work ethics ' Ex NBA great Tom Heinsohn surmissed why Moon still has no NBA team at age 26 . Exactly. That's why Antoine Walker will do his shimmy elsewhere than in Miami. However , Heat coach Fat .. err ... I mean .. Pat Riley must think of other ways for Walker to lose those extra pounds. Like futuristic office workers will do eventually . They combine threadmill , desk and computer ! 'Toine can do the same. He can stand on a running treadmill instead of sit on the bench when not playing and during timeouts !

Antoine : C'mon Pat , I am not fat. I can fit in this jersey .
Riley : .... When it comes with a matching short shorts !


Blogger Lunchdog said...

Juan Dixon may be a "proven vet", but he does not look like he fits in with the Raptors at all. He looks lost on the court (same as last year), and is probably worth more to the Raptors as trade-bait than anything else. Moon shows potential, but then again, I'm tired of the Raptors long history of players who can "jump out of the gym" but can't do anything productive on the court (Sow, Graham, Baston, etc).

I still feel the trade winds a-blowin.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Know It All said...

What's wrong with Moon's past work ethics ? The past is the past.What is important is that the guy is working his ass off to be a Raptor for good.

6:56 PM  
Blogger Ty said...

Walker for Kapono and Jackson.He is the solution to the Raptors' rebounding problem.Walker can fill up Jason's role as a spot up shooter too.

7:24 PM  
Blogger coach said...

Dog - Juan is a champ . He's got an NC ringwith a powerhouse Maryland team.An he can really shoot the ball real well.

KIA - remember what MJ said.After Moon is signed ,he's back to the old ways .

ty - I agree 100%.Walker should be a Raptor instead of Kaphewno !

7:52 PM  

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