Tuesday, June 2

Boogie Will Soon Be A 'Made Man' !

It's not official yet but it seems like Toronto fans' fav is , Alvin 'Boogie' Williams will be added as the newest assistant to freshly upgraded Mafiosi ,coach Jay Triano. The Raptors cast will be full of goodfellas with the names ending in bowels . There is the godfather Brian Colangelo ,next in line is Maurizio Gherardini and Memphis Mafia transplant Marc Iavaroni. I presume, Alex English is on the way out his name ending in a wrong English alphabetti. Why Williams then ? Hmmm. I guess his nickname , Boogie , can pass as an Italian name. It ends in a bowel , right ? Or maybe Boogie is gansgter enough . Remember Bugsy Siegel , the gangster who built Las Vegas using Mafia money ? Boogie and Bugsy !
Anyho , one thing is sure. Boogie will be able to transfer his knowledge to the Raptors guards. Like how to ballhog . Yeah , during his playing days with the Raps , Williams is known as a shoot first PG. Maybe not like fellow Philadelphian ( a transplant really ), Allen Iverson ,but as trigger happy nevertheless. Proof ? Williams' career assist average during his 9 years in the NBA was a puny 4.0 assists per game with the highest at 5.7 apg achieved during the '01-'02 season ! A far cry from Jose's assist numbers. Really , what can Alvin pass on to the present PGs of the Raps ? Playing despite having injury. Yes, Alvin liked to play inspite of the pain. Not like the present Raps. They don't like to play with pain ... they just like to play like pain in the ass !