Saturday, August 23

10 Things That Will Happen To The Members Of The Redeem Team After The Olympics !

No. 10 . NBA head coaches but assistant coaches in the Redeem Team -Popovich, D' Antoni and McMillan - will return to their respective pro teams and spread the lessons they learned from NCAA/ amateur coach Mike K.

No. 9 Lebron James will stay in China to realize his dream to become the 1st billionaire in sports with the help of ...... a billion Chinese fans !

No. 8 Kobe will reciprocates the adoration showed to him in Beijing that Kobe will add the name of China's capital to his name . From hereon , Kobe will be known as KoBeijing.

No. 7 Seldom used forward Michael Redd will defect to Redd China.

No. 6 Tayshaun Prince will do an infomercial on the Chinese slow , gracious martial art cum exercise called tai chi. It will be titled Tai chi by Tai shaun !

No. 5 Center Dwight Howard and comebacking guard Dywane Wade will both adapt Chinese names --Dwight Hongward Dwang Wade !

No. 4 Deron Williams will decide to make skin more black to be completely accepted by his hip hop and younger members of team and its fans. He will even copy Ron Artest's nickname and be called as DeRon Ron Williams .

No. 3 Chris Paul who said that they were like The Beatles in China will change his name to Chris Paul Macartney !

No. 2 Bald and aging point guard Jason Kidd will be the personal hairstylish of long haired Spanish phenom PG Ricky Rubio .

No. 1 Chris Bosh will enter showbiz and become a Snoop Dogg impersonator !