Wednesday, December 24

Raptors Top 10 Christmas Wishes

No. 10 Chris Bosh to have his own signature energy drink from Red Bull so that he will play tirelessly all season long. Remember Chrissy . If you want to be an MVP , always drink your RB .
No. 9 A crystal ball for GM Brian Colangelo for him to make a good draft pick this time as his team is headed to the lottery . Hopefully , the ball is not made in Italy !

No. 8 New father Jemario Moon to get a reliable and a consistent jumper .

No , that that kind of jumper , stupid Santa !

No. 7 An indestructible robot body for off injured Jermaine O'Neal . Here's wishing the cost of body makeover is nowhere near the cost of his hefty contract ?

No.6 A new hairdo for Roko Ukic to replace his perpetually bad hair day hairdo . What's better than a neat cornrow ala Charles Oakley . Oh wait , I forgot . Roko is not a bro .

No. 5 The duo of Bosh and Jose to turn into the local version of Stockton and Malone ...... or maybe . even like the high scoring Harris and VC tandem ..... or just like Starsky and Hutch . Whatever

No. 4 Jay Triano to receive the NBA's Coach Of the Year Award this season........and be fired the next season !

Waiting message from Avery and Sam : Welcome To The Fired Soon After Receiving COY Trophy Club !

No. 3 The ACC crowd to cheer like crazy ala Ophra and Tyra Bank's super hyper studio audiences. And they are ready to do whatever their idols want 'em to do. You like that , CB4 . OK , now Raptors fans ACC no booing and cheer us for us ......even when we suck .

No. 2 That the real Raptors team please stand up .... or come out now of your (egg ) shell . It's showtime dudes .

And the No. 1 wish this Christmas holiday is .......................that there is no Christmas . no 2008 NBA season at all . No bad start . No Harper . No bailouts. No recession .Period . The year 2008 never happened , period . Fast Forward to 2009 or better still , 2010 !


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