Monday, December 22

Basketball 's First 5

Yup , it's a fact . Washington has a new basketball team . So move over Washington Wizards .... ...and even those fav whipping boys of the Harlem Globetrotters called the Washington Generals . President elect Barack Obama just assembled what he called the best basketball playing White House staff . From Attorney General-to-he , Eric Holder, to Oregon State University coach and 1st bro in law , Craig Robinson , the White House line up is solid . Let us see . Should the WH basketball team be called the Washington Barrackuda ? Nope Barracudas was Sarah Palin's high school basketball team monicker . Or maybe , Washington Obamagic ? Yes . ObaMagic with none other than President Obama as the star . Awesome . Think about it. A fellow Chicagoan named MJ was famous for walking on air . Barack can walk on water or so many claim . One fellow Illinois native sure to be not in the WH line up is Governor Blagojovich . Not to worry . Maybe , Raptors GM Brian Colangelo will sign Blago . After all , Blago sounds European !


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