Wednesday, July 16

GM Picks Calderon !

Old news ? Naaah . I'm referring to another GM and not the Bryan Colangelo kind. The one known in Canada as Generous Motors ! Yep . General Motors via one of its division ,Chevrolet , agreed with the Spanish Basketball Federation to be the offifial car sponsor. Therefore , one will expect to see Jose Calderon driving a Chevy car . Maybe , but not coach Sam Mitchell who as Torontonians know is a Ford endorser. I wonder if Sam will still push Ford Fusion now that T.J.Ford is but an illusion ?
Talking about cars , everybody is excited about next generation cars especially with the ever increasing price of gasoline.Only the rich and the NBA players with their gas guzzling Escalades are immune to the high gas price. Thank God for the hybrids which are now plying the highways and streets of oil sand rich Canada. That's not all. , every car manufacturer are coming out with their version of the electric car. The 1st one to do so will make a bundle of money coz guys like ex Raptor , Matt Bonner , will purchase one. Over at GM , everyone is excited fabout the Volt. They call the GM Volt the Toyota Killer .They say this plug in electric car will catapult American made cars to the forefront once again. The Big 3 from Detroit not Boston will be relevant again. Hmmm . GM Volt huh . I know only of GM bolt . Yeah , bolt as in escape or dissapear with unusual urgency . The Raptor GM bolting TO as fast as the electric car if the team fails to improve next season !


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