Wednesday, May 14

The Ghost Of Mo Pete .

Just like a line from the song ' They Don't Impress Me Much ' by Canadian Shaina Twain Okay , you are Brad Pitt. Yes , GM Colangelo , he's not as good looking as Jason Kapono , your Brad Pitt . He is just Mo Pete. but who's laughing now. ? Peterson's team , the New Orleans Hornets , are on their way to the Western Finals . Maybe The NBA Finals ! Even Charles Barkley said ' I'm going out to say that the Hornets will win tonight . They will beat the Spurs and end the series '. MP is playing a big role in getting the young team being really competitive. Coach Byron Scott rely on Mo Pete in guarding the opposing team's big guns. Against Dallas ,which N.O. dispatched in the 1st round , he guarded Josh Howard . In their on going series vs. the defending champion Spurs , Mo Pete is pitted against Manu Ginobili. Yup . Now who did JK guarded in the 1st round of the playoffs ? Kapono guarded his clothes and belongings including his beautiful wife . OK , Kapono played good offense vs. the Magic. Mo Pete is not too shabby in piling up points himself vs San Antonio. His shooting percentage in this on going series is a hhg 60%. In fact , in game 5 , Mo Pete shot 4 three pointers that broke the back of Popovich's team. So Bryan .stop name dropping like those singers .Don't tell Raps fans that J. Kap is the NBA 3 pt. shooting champ and he's a member of the NBA champion Miami Heat . Mo Pete was just fine for Raptors fans. After all , he's one of us .


Blogger john said...

Good for Mo Pete.There is a basketball God after all.My team is now blessed by the BG.I hope.

10:13 AM  

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