Sunday, April 13

Ti Bet Or Not To Bet For The Raptors.

The Raptors battled the eastern powerhouse Detroit Pistons all the way before losing , 84-91. The Raps sure gave the boys from Motown a real scare . Oh I almost forgot .The Pistons played their 1st stringers sparingly. No one member of the 1st 5 played more than 25 minutes. They played stone and scissor while waiting to be fielded in the game ( see photo below). This game shown nationwide in the US via ESPN and ABC was supposed to be a dry run of the 1st round playoff. If that is the case , the match up will certainly a disaster. The series will definitedly be relegated to ESPN and not be carried by ABC like the other eastern conference match ups. You cannot blame the producers at ABC . Interesting match up as the Wizards vs. the Magics or teams that feature bonafide superstars like LeBron James or the combined star power of Pierce, Allen & Garnett and to some degree Cassell of the C's are TV ratings bonanza . I'm tired of seeing American Idol and Dancings With The Stars gather all the audience. The NCAA Finals between the Jayhawks and the Tigers was only no. 9 this week behind the crappy sitcom , Two And A Half Men. With the Celtics in this post season after a long time absence, ABC can always promote the Celtics' games as featuring Three And A Half Men !
There is still a chance that the Raps can avoid a sure 1st round loss to the Pistons . How ? By boycotting the playoffs because of China's Tibet policy ! Ooops. Not likely to be accepted by Comm. Stern . It's by actually playing really well in the last 2 regular season games so that they will hold on to the 6th position in the East. In such a case , the Raps will face the Magic . Easier opponent ? Even Magic's coach's bro , Jeff Van Gundy , thinks so. ' The Magic is not an elite team yet as it just lost this past week to the Timberwolves and the Knicks. ' The Knicks ? Any team which lost to the Knicks is certainly certified beatable. Bring on the Knicks' loser , Orlando ....pronto! Psst, the Raps lost to the Knicks too last Feb.22 . Huh ? What is Disney's policy in visitors ' attires ?
Dalai Lama : I may be wearing a Washington National's baseball cap but I am a Cleveland Cavaliers' fan all the way . Just look at my attire !


Blogger Time Intact said...

I love Jeff Van Gundy as an nba live-game commentator, he's hilarious and insightful. Do you think the Raptors feel even a bit embarrassed that they lost to Detroit's bench..seriously. My goodness.

12:53 AM  
Blogger john said...

Free Tibet !

7:58 PM  

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