Monday, March 3

Raptors' Bench Is Deep .......In Deep Shit !

To those fans who adhere to the belief that Toronto Raptors has a deep bench .... think again. After successive losses to also ran Indiana Pacers and lowly Charlotte Hornets , those believers are suddenly scratching their eggs ... err .. I mean , their heads now. That's why an outsider's view of the TO squad's bench strength is a million times more dependable. Clyde Frazier was asked last night if the Raptors stand a chance of winning the Eastern conference. ' No way. The Raptors lack quality players ' said the ex Knicks great. What ? How about what the homers are saying that the Raps' bench is 10 deep ? Maybe the bench is 6 feet deep . Six feet deep down under ! Now , even Primos 'Prozac' Brezec thinks the Raptors are soft as he said last night to Charlotte reporters. That coming from a new guy who talks tough but who also have a soft game. Is that mouth guard tough enough to chew , Primoz ?
The successive defeats by the Raptors were atrocious. ' The Raptors played like they don't care . They were completely outrebounded ' said radio/TV sports show host Bobcat of the loss to the Bobcats during the telecast of his program this afternoon .Last night , Charlotte waylaid TO , 98-116 , outscoring them 32-0 in second chance points . This came at the heels of a double digit loss to Grangerless Indiana Pacers. The Raps were Boshless but nevertheless the Bobcats were Wallaceless too. So the Raps are winning streakless for sure despite the prediction of many so called experts that this particular stretch of the schedule will be easy. The reality is that TO is now facing a 3 game l o s i n g streak . Yup. The Raps are sure to suffer their 3rd consecutive defeat at the hands of Superman ( they play Dwight Howard and the Magic next) unless the Raps find a kryptonite. I'd say , to win vs. the Magic , the Raps just don't need to play crap tonite !


Anonymous Hawkmoon said...

man, you're pathetic.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet article. raptors are playing like shit and 99 % of their online fanboys are 15 year old basketball retard fagots or old pieces of dick less shit.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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