Tuesday, February 12

They Tried To Make T.J. Go To Rehab .

Yes , T.J. Ford is going back to rehab like Grammy award winner Amy Winehouse. Or at least, his wrist will need unspraining . Last night , in a loss to the San Antonio Spurs , 88-93 , T.J. suffered a sprained wrist. I don't know why T.J. wants to continue playing . I think he's too fragile now. Why don't he just join Amy (left photo) in the rehab ? T.J. admit it . You are addicted. Addicted to playing basketball. Next time , it might be your neck that will be broken ...or slashed like Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers in last week's NHL game. Now, the whole hockey world is talking about NHL players wearing neck pads . Hmmm. Maybe T.J. will be 100% protected by wearing a pad. A body pad . Here is how T.J. will look like in a body pad .
Very dissapointing in last night's game was CB4's game. He was limited in points and rebounds. Hardly the game worthy of an All Star. Yes , Oberto defended Bosh very well but it was also because CB4 settled for outside shots. What's really wrong with Bosh ? I'd say that Bosh is pre occupied with making you tube videos. He made another one after the highly acclaimed Vote For Me To Be An All Star you tube . That's the trouble with athletes dabbling in acting. It can be addicting to the detriment of their real careers. Look at Serena Williams and Will Ferrel. Ooops . That Ferrel guy made so many sports movie - Talledega Nights , Blades Of Glory and the basketball film Semi Pro - that I thought he's a real athlete. Anyways , ball players should stick to playing ball not acting . After all , there is enuff acting in the hardcourt . Only it's called flopping !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL.The photo of T.J. in body pad is hilarious.

5:27 PM  
Blogger john said...

That new WF movie is a sure hit.I can tell from the photo of Ferrel dribbling a pink basketball.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

I like the reference to AW.Ironic but true for T.J.

12:32 PM  

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