Wednesday, January 16

Toronto Raptors , The John Edwards Of The NBA

That's life . ' John Edwards is not talk about by the media' said a person in charge of the former Senator's campaign last night when interviewed by Chris Matthews of MSNBC. You are right. All media chatters are about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton because the 2 are exciting candidates ... that's why they are frontrunners . This complain reminds me of the rantings coming from Raptors' fans . The attention in the East is centered on the Celtics and the Pistons. The C's because they are suddenly the Obama of the NBA . On the other hand , the Pistons are like the Clintons - good up to now ....especially compared with Dubya whos tenure is likely to end in a recession. So Raps' fans , open your eyes. This current team is mediocre . If you guys want ESPN to cover more Raptors' games, start winning consistently like the Suns , the Spurs and the Mavs or start playing exciting ball like the Warriors , the Lakers ( with Kobe) and the Cavs (with James). Let's see . You think team leader Chris Bosh is the same class as LBJ , D Wade and 'Melo ? Yeah , the 4 are in the same draft class. Period. Last night , CB4 was reduced to an also ran again by the big men of Motown . He dissapeared as usual when the game is against big time opponents. Wait until the playoffs begin .. or should I say the layoffs begin.
If Raptors' fans and Chuckie want US media to cover the team more often , they must either get a true superstar or a bunch of fearless players. Bargnani is proving to be a dud. The Italian should show more fire at least. Il Mago is more like Il Logo. Completely flat. Watching Jose , Humpries and Rasho is not the same as watching Capt. Jack and his men. OK , OK, Jemario Moon shows some promise. The guy even got some ink from USA Today recently. But Moon missed more dunks that I can count. Wonder why the NBA invited the man to participate in the Slam Dunk contest in this year's All Star celebration ? Who knows . Maybe Moon will show the crowd something something . After all , this is the NBA - where amazing things happen !


Anonymous Melvin said...

You nailed it right man, Bosh is not in the same level w/the others. Me I think Bargnani is the real junk out of the raptors...

anyway John edwards is a basketball player isn't it? why is he running for presidency?

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Hey,the Raptors beat the Kings by a wide margin.They are not too bad.Have faith man.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous said...

the king's aren't a top tier team though. i think coach has a point on the consistency thing, which seems to be a huge factor for the raptors.

as far as bosh and the rest of his mates from his draft year...he isn't on the same level as lbj, melo or wade, but he is a close 2nd. an all-star, not a superstar.

11:49 AM  

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