Thursday, December 13

Not Ready To Make Mice....Err ...Nice .

Somehow the Raptors 2 consecutive victories against the surging Atlanta Hawks and the sinking Dallas Mavericks are clouded with question about the team's character . 'Toronto did'nt fight ? Nobody in Toronto did nothing ? asked Lebron James after viewing the Halford-TJ incident. James added that's a crazy (non) action by the players of Toronto. Or it's either TJ has no friend in the team or the squad is composed of totally of nice guys . The situ was made worst by the fact that the TV camera caught fellow Texan and so called closest friend (?) of TJ in the team, Chris Bosh , smiling when just about everybody from both sides was as quiet as a mouse as TJ was lying motionless on the floor. There were reports that coach Sam Mitchell went ballistic on the Atlanta rookie. Huh, OK. Was that supposed to make up for timidity of the Raptors players ? The Raps need to have their DNAs altered if they hope to go far in the playoffs. Yeah , like this mouse which was genetically altered by Japanese scientists to make it fearless of its mortal enemy , the cat . Otherwise , LBJ and the rest of the NBA will kick their collective asses as they know the Raps won't fight no matter what. Alter their DNA now quick. Unless the Raps' DNAs mean Do Not Alter !!
So the Raps beat the Mavs (92-76) after 4 long years of trying. Big deal. Dallas is no longer the cream of the crop. Dallas is now the puff cream of the crap. This early this season , the Mavs lost 9 games already of which 3 were losses to Eastern Conference wanna be's - the Pacers , the Wizards and now the Raps. I don't know why the Mavs are lousy this season . Maybe because it's flamboyant owner is busy doing things everywhere. Let's see , Mark Cuban participated in the Dancing With The Stars at ABC studio . Then , Cuban was involved in a heated war of words with Fox' Bill O'Reilly over the former's Iraq war movie Redacted . Just last Saturday , Cuban was in Vegas inside the ring during the introduction portion of the Floyd Mayweather -Ricky Hatton fight . The guy is everywhere . Maybe Mark Cuban's DNA was genetically engineered to enable him to fly everywhere !


Blogger yellowdog granny said...

ah ha! they did beat the mavs..well, that's ok..West High School basketball team can beat the mavs..

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Sashey said...

It is a great win.Dallas still belong to the elite of the NBA.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Time Intact said...

I don't think the Horford foul called for a confrontation because anyone who saw the play knew it was just a stupid, freak play but its true, the Raptors don't have much grit/toughness. That's why you have to love Charles Oakley. He called out Vince Carter AND his mom during his days with the Raps lol. Dallas is definitely still one of the best in the league even thought they might've had a bad start. It really doesn't matter because they can't prove anything till the playoffs :P

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow!!! your posts are all funny and entretaining!!! Probably also you can beat Dallas, isn't it?! no, better, you could beat boston alone!!!! 5 to 1, isn't it?! well, so what you will write tomorrow, after Celtics lost in Toronto?! because I know we will win, simply because Raptors are one of the most innovative and entrateining team in the Nba! And don't joke about my bad english... I'm European and It's a matter of fact that I know 4 foreigners languages, instead of your poor poor racist writing

1:04 PM  
Anonymous I hate you said...

lol another ignorant are not the most hated man in Toronto, you are the most ignorant and racist person in Toronto. i know you wont post this so fuck you

1:40 PM  
Anonymous said...

According to Leo the entire Dallas team is still suffering mental issues after blowing the NBA Finals and getting their ass kicked in the first round. He says they should blow it all up and start over. He might have a point.

6:50 PM  
Blogger coach said...

ya all dallas doomsayers - maybe dallas is just playing possum.afterall, it's still early in the season. don't be like guilani. be like huckabee-strong in the end.

time intact-there is no need to 'harm' horford. just confront him whether he meant the flagrant foul or not. even for acting sake. look at the tape of the incident. no one among the raps on the court came even close to harford after the tackle !

i hate you- i'm not a racist. i hate car racing , horse racing or any kind of races. there !

anon - don't worry 'bout the use of english language.instead woory about your bad predictions.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous said...

i agree coach. we have seen 4 or 5 instances (two in todays boston game) where the raptors are being pushed around, and no one steps up to even yell at the offending playing on the other team. bunch of pansies.

i don't think your ignorant by the way. it is easy to post anonymously, and say whatever you want. screw them man, keep it up!

8:55 PM  

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