Thursday, November 29

What's In Your Wallet , Sam ?

Plenty . The Raptors' coach managed to win and win big versus often rumored replacement , Memphis Grizzlies' coach Marc Ivaroni last night , 103-91. Toronto weathered the loss of big men Chris Bosh (in the 1st quarter) and Andrea Bargnani ( in the 4th quarter) on top of TJ Ford absence for 5th consecutive game . The NBA TV team dubbed the Raps as the Walking Wounded. Oh yeah . What would Alridge call the Grizzlies then ? Dead Men Playing !
It's good that the Griz have the habit of blowing hot and cold in consecutive games.The 1st time this season the 2 met in Elvisland , the Grizz shot poorly after a high 54% shooting percentage in the game prior to meeting the Raps. The Raps whupped Pau and Co. then.This time , Memphis was coming off a hard fought victory against the Nets the day before. Oh well . No one stays hot forever. Not even the King Of Rock and Roll. Only the pick and roll of Senor Jose Calderon who registered another double double last night (10 pts.,13 asst.). If I am TJ , I will return to work immediately. I'll set aside my iPod , plasma TV and CD . TJ , you don't want a different kind of CD believe me. The kind that is attach to your name in the boxscore : DNP-CD . Did Not Play-Coach's Decision !


Blogger Ty said...

I am becoming more conviced that Jose is the no.1 point guard of the Raptors.He is so good and rock solid.TJ Ford may be flashier than Jose but flash does not win games.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous josh said...

sam got the better of ivaroni this's 2-0 in favor of sam.sam you're the man.

9:10 PM  

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