Thursday, November 15

The Art Of Being Assertive.

Half of Raptorland are up in arms over TJ Ford's taking the last 3 point shot in last night's game. What else is new ? TJ took the previous 3 pt. shot that made the game closer so his repeating the deed was not a surprise . It just that the shot did not go in resulting in the loss by the Raps to the Jazz , 88-92. One will recall that TJ was also the one who extended the game vs. the Celtics by cashing in on an incredible 25 footer . After that game which the Raps eventually lost in overtime , TJ said ' If we made the plays , you guys (sportswriters) would be saying how great we are ' . Say what you may about TJ but the guy is fearless when it comes to taking the big shots. Even last season , the small guard is not afraid to take the money shots especially in the waning seconds of the game. Are the Raptors without a more bankable guy ? Yes. Since Vince Carter left , no one seems to want the job . Not team leader Chris Bosh who I think hides in crunch times. See Bosh even hide his height in the photo on the right ! TJ Ford is indeed The Little Engine That Could .....Screw Up !
I expect TJ to be even more assertive this season . Assertive to the point of being a pain in the ass. He knows that B.C. must decide before or at the end of the season to either trade him or Jose Calderon. This being Jose's contract year , the other half of dynamic duo will surely ask either for a huge pay (more than TJ) and/or a starting role . Who knows Calderon and now Raptor garbage, Jorge Garbajosa, might join their countrymen Pau Gasol and Navarro in Madrid , err I mean , Memphis. In any case , TJ must convince the Raptors powers that be that he is the one worth keeping. That's why the beginning of this season , TJ stated as his aim to lead the NBA in assist. That means play him more , Sam . Let's just say TJ is assisting his cause by being more assertive !

TJ Ford : B.C. , I am stronger than Jose . I take my Flintstones vitamins everyday !


Anonymous Raps Fan said...

i didn't have a problem with TJ taking the shot, i had a problem with the manner in which he took it. it was a disgrace a time out wasn't called to set up a proper play, or a better quality shot wasnt taken after hot-potato with humphries.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Raps4Ever said...

Let's face it Raptors fans.TJ is a ballhog.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Know It All said...

TJ is doing what he has to do to wim games.That is what a team leader is suppose to do.Sometimes you are a hero.In other times,you are the villain.

6:49 PM  

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